High-End Data and AI Learning Journeys

Welcome at GDD Academy - The one-stop shop for enterprises to develop their AI-competency throughout every layer of the organization, from manager and professional to the most seasoned data scientist and data engineer.

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Data and AI Learning Journeys for Individuals and Enterprises

GDD Academy is a leading training boutique for end-to-end data and AI learning journeys. Our curriculum provides the right flexibility and depth for both individual professionals as well as for teams and complete enterprises.

Our trainers are trusted by global enterprises, including ING, Uber, Heineken, Emirates, Bosch, and Unilever. Over the past years, we delivered over 10,000 hours of training to over 5,000 participants globally.

Our end-to-end curriculum provides the right training topics for every level and purpose - from increasing general AI awareness to challening the most seasoned data professional through in-depth data science and data engineering training.

Some of the reasons to select GoDataDriven to develop your skills and proficiency:

Your Prefered Method of Learning

Everyone learns in different ways and pace, so it's up to you to select the format that fits your purpose and prefered method of learning: classroom training, in-company training, online, or combinations of both.

Learning by Doing

We understand that you learn best by doing. That's why, in every training, we provide the theory and context, only so that you can develop and craft your skills in the hands-on labs.

Real Enterprise Experience

Acquire skills that you can apply to your work immediately. Our skilled trainers use their years of relevant, hands-on experience to push the content of every training far beyond text books and theory. We teach you about the application of data and AI to generate real business value.

Are you interested in more info about the way we work or would you like to know more about the value we can provide to your business? Feel free to get in touch with us directly.

Learning Journeys for Leading Enterprises

Your Learning Journey

Are you a data professional looking for individual training? Whether you are new to the field of data engineering, data science, or analytics translators, or a seasoned practitioner: We will escalate your skills to the next level.

Are you looking to train one or more teams? Whether it is a single training topic or a complete learning journey: Our large-scale training programs combine scale with personal attention for every participant.

Are you an HR Manager looking for educational programs for your entire organization? Our curriculum is easily integrated with enterprise academy offerings. We are trusted by category-leading organizations like Uber, ATOS, ING, KPN and Ahold to train large teams throughout their organization.

More Customer Stories

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The training provided an excellent overview and useful hands-on, practical labs. It was all very interesting and I will definitely recommend GDD Academy to others!

Federico Calore

Training Brochure

Download the 2019 GoDataDriven training brochure with our full training curriculum for data engineering, data science, and analytics translator training.

Escalate your skills as a data professional, through indidual training and enterprise learning journeys.

Giovanni Lanzani
Director of Learning and Development, GDD Academy
“Download the GDD Academy Brochure for a full overview of our Data and AI Learning Journeys.”


Whether your team is new to the Data Science scene and wants to learn how to develop models with R, Python, or Spark, or you already work as an experienced, well-oiled machine and are interested in remaining at the forefront of industry; GoDataDriven offers a complete package of high-quality training.

Our offering includes courses tailored for managers, analytics translators, and business professionals aiming to improve their data literacy

Data Engineering Training

Whether you want to learn how to implement Apache Airflow, Apache Spark or Neo4j, our offering of Data Engineering Training provides the practical knowledge you need to tackle real-world data and AI challenges. More info

Data Science Training

Become familiar and go in-depth with (open-source) data science technologies and methods like Python, R, Spark, Deep Learning. Start your data science learning journey here or challenge yourself to develop your skills to the optimimum. More info

Analytics Translating Training

Learn to successfully identify, develop and execute AI use cases inside your organization. Develop the skills to bridge the gap between the technical expertise of data scientists and the operational expertise of the business. More info

Data Science, Data Engineering, Analytics Translating Training

Business-Driven AI Experts

We are an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled Lead Data Scientists, Lead Data Engineers and Analytics Translators. We come from the trenches, bringing years of experience with developing AI products that actually bring value to the business and its customers

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Come and join us at one of our events, check out our event schedule. One to highlight is Dutch Data Science Week, a full week of hackathons, seminars, meetups and training, taking place from June 3 - 7, 2019.

Our interdisciplinary team of highly skilled trainers all come from the trenches, bringing years of experience with developing AI products that actually bring value to the business and its customers.

Vincent Warmerdam
Lead Data Scientist and Trainer, GoDataDriven