Posted on — 02 March 2022

Applied Machine Learning Days

Data & AI Maturity Journey track and workshops during Applied Machine Learning Days

In an effort to bring the topic of AI Maturity to the table during the Applied Machine Learning Days in Switzerland (March 26-30), GoDataDriven invited several organizations to share how they became Data & AI Driven organisations.

Data & AI Maturity Journey

From numerous engagements with global enterprises and tech-native customers, we found that to reach maturity, companies usually work on two axes: Analytics Capabilities — Data, People & Skills, Tools & Tech — and Business Adoption — Executive Support, Funding, Implementation.

With a solid strategy, they can move from Initialization to Data & AI Democratization in gradual phases, enlarging the impact of Data & AI as they move forward.

The challenges that lie ahead and how to tackle them will be the focus of this track.

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Speakers include:
Applied Machine Learning Days

  • Andreu Mora, VP of Engineering – Head of Data Science and Machine Learning, Adyen
  • Dorthe Malmqvist, Project and Portfolio Leader, IFF
  • Melissa Perotti, Lead Data Lab | Customer Hapiness,
  • Sacha Roggeveen, Head of Data & Analytics,
  • Bianca Scheffler, Head Data Culture & Innovation, SwissRe
  • Afke Schouten, Founder, AI Bridge
  • Steven Nooijen, head of Data & AI Strategy, GoDataDriven

Time Series Workshop

From a more technical perspective, if you are interested in time series, data scientists Marysia Winkels and James Hayward will deliver a workshop around time series analysis. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to get a practical tour into building simple yet powerful models. If you are a more experienced ‘fortune-teller’, you can learn how to gain interpretability and sustainability for your models without losing predictive power and with keeping hidden threats in check. More info

About Applied Machine Learning Days

The Applied Machine Learning Days at EPFL consists of five days packed with an amazing program on machine learning and artificial intelligence; featuring keynote speakers, domain specific-tracks, hands-on workshops and much more!

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