Platform: Big Data Infrastructure

It may take a rocket scientist to calculate the physic of getting out to space, but it takes an engineer to build the structure that will go there. Will the rocket survive re-entry with all the buttons working? Can it be created within time and budget constraints? The same concept holds true for large-scale, Data Science solutions. Without production-ready software (the rocket), the Data Science solutions don’t add any value. Once our projects have moved beyond the experimentation phase, we apply solid software engineering principles to ensure they’re ready to launch.

Setting Up A Big Data Platform

Our experienced, world-class engineering team builds production-ready, scalable systems. Our data engineers create large-scale, fault-tolerant systems for high-volume environments, like web properties that serve millions of unique visitors and large financial institutions that handle millions of transactions daily. Our Big Data platforms are developed on top of Hadoop technology and combined with technologies like Spark, Pig, Hive, Impala, Kudu, and so on. Our Data Science Suite is a turnkey, managed, Big Data platform.

We apply solid software engineering principles to our projects when they go out of the experimentation phase

Renald Buter
Chief Operations, GoDataDriven