AI Strategy Executors

We organize your teams, AI use cases, and data science workflow to optimize the impact of AI on your business.

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AI Strategy Executors

GDD Biz makes your AI-vision business-as-usual for your entire organization.

Our consultants combine AI-savviness with business experience to turn your most difficult challenges into clear AI projects that are easily adopted by your organizaion.

Convert Opportunities to AI Applications

We demonstrate the benefits of AI on your daily operations and drive innovation forward. Our services portfolio includes maturity level asessments, ideation workshops, AI literacy training, and of course, product ownership and management of enterprise-scale projects.

Build an Effective AI Organization

While we implement AI-thinking within the business, we simultaneously focus on improving your AI-delivery workflow, code quality, and engineering culture.

Enable Business Success

To ensure proper adoption of AI-solutions, we include the business users in every step of the process. We actively collect feedback and communicate about the progress and process to both the business teams as the AI-teams.

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Data and technology alone are not enough to successfully transition towards becoming an AI-mature organization. AI should become an integral part of every cell and fibre of your business.

Stijn Tonk
Chief Innovation and Strategy, GoDataDriven

Whitepaper The Analytics Translator

Download this whitepaper to learn about the role of Analytics Translator and how she helps organizations to overcome the most common difficulties when building AI solutions.

The analytics translator identifies high impact business problems that can be solved with data science, ensures that the data science and engineering team understands the business problem and are able to set out an appropriate analytical and data roadmap, while helping to interpret and deliver the outcome, embedding this in both the business and IT landscape of the organization.

Doron Reuter
AI Products and Partnerships Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics, ING
“Download this whitepaper to learn about the role of Analytics Translator and how she helps organizations to overcome the most common difficulties when building AI solutions.”

Our Way of Working

By assessing your current level of AI-maturity, we define a starting point. From this point, we build your internal Center of Excellence and help you to staff and run it. By mapping out your journey and embedding their data-driven process, we make sure that your glide along your AI-maturity level growth path efficiently. We empower your people by providing training on the job, coaching, workshops, and enterprise learning journeys.

Core Areas

There are four core aspects that are essential to get right, but are also notoriously hard. GDD Biz offers a complete package of specialized services and products that help you built an organization that can excel with data and AI.

  • People and Skills;
  • Process and Organization;
  • Tools and Technology;
  • Data and Products.

Our way of working

Realizing Business Value

We understand that the the success of AI applications largely depends on the business adoption. We have successfully increased the AI maturity level of dozens of enterprises. Some of our recent projects include: - Heineken: Establishing a Data Innovation Lab including workshops, proof of concepts, productionizing use cases; - Randstad: Executing an AI maturity scan and developing the AI organization; - ING: Rolling out large-scale AI literacy training program.

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Business-Driven AI Experts

We are an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled Lead Data Scientists, Lead Data Engineers and Analytics Translators. We come from the trenches, bringing years of experience with developing AI products that actually bring value to the business and its customers

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Realizing Business Value from AI

The analytics translator makes realizing value from AI easy by overcoming the most common difficulties when building AI solutions for organizations.

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Resources & Events

We share our knowledge wherever we can; blogs, meetups, conferences, training, and on-the-job. We regularly publish whitepapers, research reports and magazines.


Come and join us at one of our events, check out our event schedule. One to highlight is Dutch Data Science Week, a full week of hackathons, seminars, meetups and training, taking place from June 3 - 7, 2019.


GDD Biz offers courses and workshops specifically designed for anyone involved in the adoption of AI within an organization. Our skilled trainers have world-class knowledge and years of hands-on experience in the fields of Data Engineering, Data Science, and Analytics Translating. That is why our training curriculum enables professionals to escalate their data-driven skills to the next level.

We enable you to deliver greater value in less time and work with your company to drive data solutions. We build and run internal learning journeys within your enterprise organisations, deliver excellent one-off training sessions, and provide ongoing coaching and support in practical application. We will work with you and your team to align with your company's skill gaps and data needs.

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In order to build a valuable AI solution, you need to get two things right. One, make sure that the business problem you are addressing is the right one. Two, make sure that the solution satisfies the needs of your end user and is built correctly.

Henk Griffioen
Lead Data Scientist, GoDataDriven