We organize AI-powered companies that win with smarter products, clever services and intelligent processes.

Make AI Work for You

Our consultants use their technical background and business experience to help your organization adopt AI. Our Lead Data Scientists and Lead Data Engineers organize your teams. Our Analytics Translators integrate AI in your organization.

Leading Your Teams

We lead your Data Science and Data Engineering teams. Our consultants know what your data experts need to thrive and how AI projects should be executed; we have been doing it for years. We set up workflows, coach your experts and scale your engineering culture.

AI Product Management

The process around AI solutions is just as important as building them. We help you find the right use cases, involve the business when turning them into a solutions, and evangelize the results. Ideation workshops, AI literacy trainings, product ownership and management of enterprise-scale projects: it's all in a day's work for an Analytics Translator.

AI Maturity Scans

You can not start your journey if you do not know where you are. Our AI Maturity Scans help you assess your organization and point you to your next steps.

Enable Business Success

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Data and technology alone are not enough to successfully transition to become an AI-driven organization. AI should be an integral part of every fibre of your business.

Stijn Tonk
Chief Innovation and Strategy, GoDataDriven

Whitepaper The Analytics Translator

Download this whitepaper to learn about the role of Analytics Translator and how she helps organizations to overcome the most common difficulties when building AI solutions.

The analytics translator identifies high impact business problems that can be solved with data science, ensures that the data science and engineering team understands the business problem and are able to set out an appropriate analytical and data roadmap, while helping to interpret and deliver the outcome, embedding this in both the business and IT landscape of the organization.

Doron Reuter
AI Products and Partnerships Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics, ING
“Download this whitepaper to learn about the role of Analytics Translator and how she helps organizations to overcome the most common difficulties when building AI solutions.”

Our experience

We have helped dozens of organizations to adopt AI. Some of our recent projects include:

  • Heineken: Establishing a Data Innovation Lab to go from from proof of concepts to global solutions.
  • Randstad: Executing an AI maturity scan and leading AI teams;
  • ING: Rolling out large-scale AI literacy training program.

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Our experts

We are an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled Lead Data Scientists, Lead Data Engineers and Analytics Translators. We come from the trenches and bring years of experience with developing AI products.

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GDD Biz offers courses and workshops specifically designed for anyone involved in the adoption of AI within an organization. We build and run internal learning journeys within your enterprise organisations, deliver one-off training sessions, and provide ongoing coaching and support in practical application. We will work with you and your team to align with your company's skill gaps and data needs.

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Realizing Business Value from AI

Building an AI solution is not a one man show: we need Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Analytics Translators and the business to be involved!

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You need to get two things right to build valuable AI solutions. One, make sure that the business problem you are addressing is the right one. Two, make sure that the solution satisfies the needs of your end user and is built correctly.

Henk Griffioen
Lead Data Scientist, GoDataDriven