Blockchain for Your Business

Consultancy to discover and develop blockchain use cases, and to leverage the value of distributed ledgers for your business.

Discover and Develop Blockchain Use Cases for Your Business

When it comes to its potential to disrupt the digital world, blockchain technology is the internet's big brother. Get the most out of distributed ledgers for your business by discovering and developing blockchain use cases.

Decentralized Ledger

Blockchain technology, the driving force behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, has the potential to disrupt many value chains in the near future. In the same way that the Internet has brought us distributed information, Blockchain technology promises distributed trust in transactions.

On the Internet information is accessible everywhere, as long as you are connected. In a blockchain all transactions are logged in a ledger, but new transactions can only be added below the last transaction. This means that it is possible to keep track of transactions, but historical transactions can not be modified.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to effectively execute transactions between people, but also between machines, without the interference of a third party (like a bank, insurance company, or even a distributor) in a secure, infallible way. This is achieved because all transactions are distributed over all the machines in the blockchain and all machines always have the latest version of the ledger.

Getting Started with Blockchain

Blockchain technology provides an unparalleled competitive edge for early adopters. Reality is that, altough many organizations have heard about blockchain, few are able to fully grasp the potential, let alone utilize it yet.

Interested in the opportunities of blockchain technology for your organization?

We raise awareness of the potential of blockchain technology for businesses, and develop production-ready blockchain use cases.

You may also be interested in additional information of our blockchain case study for instruqt, a gamified online learning platform.

Blockchain Use Case Discovery Workshop

For organizations that are interested in blockchain technology but don't know where to start, we provide a Blockchain Use Cases Discovery Workshop. This one-day workshop consists of presentations and the generation of ideas for use cases.

The workshop is suitable from people from different departments and levels of your organization. During the workshop, our specialists inspire the participants by sharing best practices, successful use cases and insights. After the inspiration session, the participants are grouped and work together on pointing out use cases.

After one or more rounds of use case discovery and presentation, all ideas are grouped and ranked by the participants. At the end of the day, this results in an ordered list of valuable blockchain use cases.

Blockchain Consultancy

If you have a project, our blockchain specialists can define the scope and deliverables, and develop the use case. In a project we can work together with other members (multi-disciplinary teams) or independently work on a project.

Meetup "Blockchain in Business"

Eager to meet other blockchain enthusiasts in an informal setting? Than make sure to register for the Meetup group Blockchain in Business. We organize bi-montly Meetups where blockchain use cases are discussed with a focus on business value over technical details.


Do you want to learn more about blockchain? We are developing a blockchain training at the moment and going to offer more information soon. Let us know if you would like to be notified as soon as material or an in-company masterclass is available!

Blockchain technology is very real. The only way to de-mistify it, is to get your hands dirty and start discovering.

Rob Dielemans
Managing Director