Dutch Data Science Week 2019

25 April, 2019

If you haven’t heard already, we’ve announced dates, speakers, and themes for Dutch Data Science Week 2019. We’ve answered some common questions below, tickets are live for the various events, and at the time of writing, there are still a few Early Bird priced tickets left! So read through and get signed up quicksmart!

What is the Theme?

We will be exploring ‘The Impact of AI on Society,’ and the goal of this week is to provide data scientists and organizations a platform for innovation, education, inspiration, and networking.

What Tracks Will Be Running?

This year, we will be running business, sustainability, health, and future tracks. These events provide a forum for inspiration and action as you will be given the chance to learn and develop smart solutions to social challenges.

Will You Be Doing Training Specials Again?

Yes! After the popular training sessions last year, we decided to run two more topical ones for #ddsw19. Here they are:

Deep Learning

With Python, Tensorflow and Keras with a focus on Recurrent Neural Networks and LSTMs.
Every theory part is complemented by a hands-on session, the goal is that you become familiar with the theory but also learn how to apply the theory in practice with several exercises. Early Bird Tickets Still Available

Analytics Translating

The analytics translator drives the development of successful AI solutions by bridging the gap between the technical expertise of data scientist and the operational expertise of the business. Our Analytics Translator training enables you to become a frontrunner in helping your organisation become AI-driven. Early Bird Tickets Still Available

Where Are the Events Held?

We’re covering ground in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Nieuwegein this year. Not in the Netherlands? We’re taking a portion of the week online with Dr. Katleen Gabriels’ webinar on Ethics in AI: Register Here.

Where Do I Go For Media Inquiries?

Good question 😉 You can reach out directly to [email protected].

Any Other Questions?

Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you stat.

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