Data Science Educator

Does this sound like you?

You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and helping others in their development and success stories and feel comfortable explaining difficult subjects on various levels and are adept at creating new learning and development offerings on Data & AI. You are fluent in Python and the most used data science libraries such as Pandas and scikit-learn. Clean code comes naturally to you and you understand why that is important for the next generation of data science products.

How you will help to create value with Data & AI

GoDataDriven is on a mission to help organizations win with Data & AI. We do this, amongst others, by building strong data & AI practices that deliver value to our clients and their customers and training their internal colleagues to our standards. In the past, our team has successfully set up Centers of Excellence Advanced Analytics, organized and led multiple science and engineering teams, and trained thousands of business stakeholders and technical people at large corporations. We have already enjoyed great success in making the top companies AI-driven – just think of what more we can achieve when YOU join our team!

What you will do to make organizations AI-driven

As a Data Science Educator, you will deliver our technical data science curriculum by teaching about data science. GoDataDriven has trained companies such as Uber, Intel, Nike,, Lego, Blizzard, Airbus, Adidas, Verizon, Credit Suisse, ING, KLM, Shell, and many more: as a trainer with us, you will teach people how to build robust data science solutions and algorithms. Your teachings will have an impact on millions of people relying on the data science products built by these companies.
You will be part of a dynamic team, with plenty of opportunities to grow professionally and personally. You will have a playground to test new ideas and concepts, update the training material, develop new courses, and much more!

This is your dream job if…

  • You want to make an impact on how thousands of people approach data science
  • You firmly believe that we can make the world a better place through data
  • You enjoy spending time studying and researching new ideas and tools to improve our curriculum
  • You enjoy being around a team of the best data professionals in Europe

This is not your dream job if…

  • You want to build data products as your main focus
  • Coding is all you crave
  • You dislike when people question you
  • You want to make teaching routine and not experiment with different sorts of learning and ideas

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What to expect

The GoDataDriven Way

Respect & self-empowerment

At GoDataDriven, we treat each other with respect, cooperation, and a view towards creating an enthusiastic, self-empowered, dynamic working community. Our culture exudes creativity and ambition, and our colleagues share an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We’re especially proud of our generous training budget and our “Hack-What-You-Want” Fridays.

Like-minded colleagues

At GoDataDriven, you’ll find like-minded colleagues at the forefront of their fields with the courage to veer from the beaten path; they are the people who put organizations into motion.


What we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Pension plan
  • Extended insurance
  • A real training budget of €5,000 and six days, without a fight. In fact, it’s your obligation to spend it every year
  • Company car for consulting roles
  • Choose your laptop (once every 24 months) and phone
  • And, of course, your own pair of custom GoDataDriven blue Nikes when you join!

Meet your new colleagues

We sat down with a few of our team members to talk about their work. Topics discussed include work-life balance, writing intellectually challenging code, and giving back to the community.

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