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We build solutions with data and AI: from concept to prototype and to production-ready application. We can be the partner that gets your organization ready to run solutions at enterprise scale with ease!

Build News
GoDataFest 2020 – The Streamed Festival of Data Technology Takes Place From November 2 – 6
Airflow Build Data Engineering
What’s coming in Apache Airflow 2.0
Data Engineering Learning Journey Train
Data Engineering Learning Journey
Data Science Learning Journey Train
Data Science Learning Journey
Data Science News
New edition of Data Science in Production magazine
Data Science Train
Protected: Online Code Breakfast – Seasonality modelling from scratch – recording
Build General News
De Dataloog podcasts
Build Data Science Events Open source
Online Code Breakfast – Seasonality modelling from scratch
Data Science Train
Free Online Python Foundaton Hands-On Training
Build General News Organize
Data & AI Survey
Airflow Build Data Engineering
Getting Started with Apache Airflow – Julian de Ruiter
Build Data Science Tools & Tech
Take a Deep Dive into Apache Spark – Henk Griffioen
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