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Build Data Science Events Open source
Online Code Breakfast – Seasonality modelling from scratch
Walter van der Scheer on 30 March 2020
Data Science Train
Free Online Python Foundaton Hands-On Training
Walter van der Scheer on 25 March 2020
Data Engineering Data Science Education Open source
B.EFFICIENT – Large scale Spark optimisation
Roman Ivanov on 06 March 2020
Analytics Translator Data Engineering Data Science Education News
GoDataDriven’ 2020 Training Guide
Giovanni Lanzani on 22 February 2020
Build Data Science
Rhyme with AI
Henk Griffioen on 07 February 2020
Data Science
Take a Deep Dive into Apache Spark – Henk Griffioen
Jelle Schut on 04 February 2020
Data Science
A Deep Understanding of Deep Learning – Yalda Mohammadian
Jelle Schut on 21 January 2020
Data Science
From Python Foundation to Start-Up Cofounder – Anne Willem de Vries
Jelle Schut on 15 December 2019
Data Science General
The Linear Algebra Behind Linear Regression
Ruben van de Geer on 18 October 2019
Data Science General
Bare minimum bring your own model on SageMaker
Bas Harenslak on 05 October 2019
Build Data Science Energy
GCP powered EV charging
roel on 03 October 2019
Data Science Whitepaper
Data Science in Production Magazine
Walter van der Scheer on 23 September 2019
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