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Blog Google Cloud Platform HR & Recruitment Python
Overengineering our assessment sending process
Jordi Smit on 16 May 2022
AI Maturity Digital transformation Food Retail Senior Data Scientist
How to be Successful with AI: a Restaurant Analogy
Steven Nooijen on 12 January 2021
Data Engineering Data Science Financial Services Trading
BaaS: Backtest, optimize and discover
Diederik Greveling on 06 October 2020
Data Engineering Data Science Financial Services
To the moon with BaaS
Diederik Greveling on 10 April 2020
Analytics Translator Data Engineering Data Science Education News
GoDataDriven’ 2020 Training Guide
Giovanni Lanzani on 22 February 2020
Build Data Science Energy Google Cloud Platform
GCP powered EV charging
roel on 03 October 2019
Data Engineering eCommerce General
Real time analytics: Divolte + Kafka + Druid + Superset
godatadriven on 22 August 2019
Data Science Travel
It’s time to trust your predictions
roel on 04 March 2019
General Healthcare
World Summit AI 2018 Interview Medicx.ai
godatadriven on 29 November 2018
Food General
Burger Quest
roel on 31 May 2018
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