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Analytics Translator in Practice: Google Translate Analogy
Mahmoud Khodier on 06 April 2022
AI Maturity Digital transformation Strategy
Data Literacy: why training is important — and not enough to stay relevant
Renald Buter on 24 March 2022
Analytics Engineering Data Analyst Learning Journey Data democratization Data Governance Power BI Strategy
The Project Manager’s Guide to Dashboarding – Part 1
Juan Manuel Perafan on 24 February 2022
Data & AI team structure: Case studies
Arjan van den Heuvel on 25 March 2021
Data & AI team structure: How to design your Data & AI organization?
Arjan van den Heuvel on 11 March 2021
AI Maturity Careers Experience Organize Strategy
3 Steps to Grow Your Organization’s AI Competency
Steven Nooijen on 16 October 2020
Analytics Translator Organize Strategy
Let the BEAT drive your AI Strategy!
Arjan van den Heuvel on 29 May 2020
Analytics Translator Digital transformation Organize Strategy Whitepaper
What is your AI Strategy?
Arjan van den Heuvel on 16 April 2020
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