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Analytics Translation

The Analytics Translator is the liaison between senior management, the business, and data experts. On some days, you are the gatekeeper of the project funnel, brainstorm ideas with executives, and work with the data experts to groom the backlog of viable ideas.

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Analytics Translation
Analytics Translator in Practice: Google Translate Analogy
Mahmoud Khodier on 06 April 2022
Analytics Translation Azure Technology
How to build your own Covid-19 search engine
godatadriven on 29 October 2020
Analytics Translation Data Science and AI
Defining Analytics Use-Cases
Stijn Tonk on 08 July 2020
Analytics Translation Data and AI Strategy
Let the BEAT drive your AI Strategy!
Arjan van den Heuvel on 29 May 2020
Analytics Translation
AI Use case generation for non techies
godatadriven on 15 May 2020
Analytics Translation Data Engineering Data Science and AI
GoDataDriven’ 2020 Training Guide
Giovanni Lanzani on 22 February 2020
Analytics Translation
Big Data, Little Value? How Product Owners Can Unlock Value From Data Science
godatadriven on 19 February 2020
Analytics Translation data
The Analytics Translator Part 3: Characteristics of an Analytics Translator
Henk Griffioen on 10 July 2019
Analytics Translation data
The Analytics Translator Part 2: The Problems an Analytics Translator Solves
Henk Griffioen on 03 July 2019
Analytics Translation data
The Analytics Translator Part 1: Delivering Business Value with Data and AI
Henk Griffioen on 26 June 2019
Analytics Translation data
Our social responsibility as a company
Giovanni Lanzani on 08 February 2019
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