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GoDataDriven contributes to the AIIS project funded by the European Union
Highlights April – Adevinta & Cloud Migration, Eindhoven Data Community Meetup, Architecture of a Modern Data Platform
Highlights March – AI strategy, Turn-Key Cloud & Data Solutions, AMLD 2022 & PyData Berlin 2022, GoDataDriven Eindhoven
General News
GoDataFest 2021: The Many Shapes and Forms of Data Technology
Analytics Engineering Data Engineering dbt General Modern Data Stack
Build data pipelines using dbt on Databricks
General Google Cloud Platform
Develop locally, scale globally: Dask on Kubernetes with Google Cloud
Diederik Greveling on 21 December 2020
Analytics Engineering General Modern Data Stack
Analytics Engineer – The new buzzword of the data world
Juan Manuel Perafan on 21 December 2020
Data Science General
Three steps to finding the right data science job in Amsterdam
Luuk Feitsma on 09 April 2020
General Open source
GoDataDriven Open Source Contribution for Q4 2019
godatadriven on 07 February 2020
Data Engineering General
Schiphol Takeoff – Automate deployment without writing code!
Daniel van der Ende on 08 December 2019
Airflow General
Early Access of Apache Airflow book
godatadriven on 30 October 2019
Doctors Without Borders – Scaling-Up With Azure
General Open source
GoDataDriven Open Source Contribution for Q3 2019
Barend Garvelink on 21 October 2019
Data Engineering Docker General
Azure container instance example
godatadriven on 20 October 2019
Data Science General
The Linear Algebra Behind Linear Regression
godatadriven on 18 October 2019
Data Science General
Bare minimum bring your own model on SageMaker
godatadriven on 05 October 2019
Data Engineering General
Improved wireless coverage using an old router
Alexander Bij on 28 August 2019
Data Science General Organize Train
Data Driven Board Game Design
Rogier van der Geer on 23 August 2019
Data Engineering eCommerce General
Real time analytics: Divolte + Kafka + Druid + Superset
godatadriven on 22 August 2019
Data Science General
DeepCS Learnings from Berlin Buzzwords 2019
godatadriven on 26 July 2019
Fairness in AI – Dutch Data Science Week 2019
Henk Griffioen on 23 July 2019
Data Science General
How to build your first image classifier using PyTorch
Rogier van der Geer on 18 July 2019
Data Science General
Data Science Podcast Recommendations
Rens Dimmendaal on 12 July 2019
Analytics Translation Learning Journey Analytics Translator General
The Analytics Translator Part 3: Characteristics of an Analytics Translator
Henk Griffioen on 10 July 2019
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