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Meet the team

Our team consists of a unique combination of world-class software engineers and data munchers. We share the trait of curiosity and a common interest in problem solving. Interested in joining this bunch of smart (looking) people? Check out our job opportunities.


Afke Schouten

Analytics Translator Trainer
"We can always learn and get better at what we do."

Lysanne van Beek

Data Science Educator

With an increasing number of companies becoming more data-driven, there was never a better time to give your data science skills a boost. Maybe you are just starting out in the field or maybe you are already a more advanced data scientist. Either way, Lysanne will always make sure you get the most from a training.

Lysanne studied neuroscience before becoming a data scientist at a start-up in Amsterdam. During her studies, she taught courses for students taking their final exams and always thoroughly enjoyed helping them grow. She is therefore delighted to be able to combine her data science and teaching skills at GoDataDriven. In her free time, Lysanne enjoys lindy hop dancing, hiking and reading. She is also planning on making her own cheese this year!


Puck Schelstraete

Recruitment Hacker

'Puck focusses on all things recruitment. From hiring to employer branding, from events to interviews. She's everywhere all the time and most likely you can find her searching in communities and expert meetups for that one, inspirational talented professional who can add extra colour and flavour to the GDD Team.

"I love solving difficult issues by listening and analyzing and delivering business value that fulfills my clients' needs, but I like over-delivering even more."

Alexander Bij

Big data hacker

Alexander has strong skills in listening and analyzing issues and working out the best solution. He aims to deliver business value that fulfills the client's needs. However, due to Alexander's robust software development and deployment skills, he will probably over-deliver. Alexander is a positive, enthusiastic team player.

Alexander has solid experience with the following technologies:

  • Backend: JEE and Spring (Core, Batch, Security, Integration,...), Hadoop
  • Testing: Fitnesse, Xebium, Selenium, JUnit, Mockito, Easymock, JMeter
  • Frontend: SpringMVC, Struts2, JSP, Freemarker, Velocity, JSTL, HTML(5), JQuery, DataTables, Flex
  • Communication: Soap, WSDL, JSON, REST, Sockets
  • Databases: JPA 2, Hibernate, JDBC, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle10g (RAC)
  • Server: Apache, Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish
  • Building: Maven, Ant, shell scrips
  • CI: Jenkins with pipeline, promotion, quality-tools, and 1-click deployment
  • Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Linux, Subversion, Git
"Feel free to contact me +31 6 15618771"

Andrea Fernández


I am responsible for all things related to recruitment. Contact me if you'd like to have a chat with us.

"As a true polyglot developer I am comfortable with many different tools and technologies. Besides developing custom solutions, I enjoy sharing my experience through lectures and training."

Andrew Snare

Big data hacker

Andrew is a Big Data Hacker at GoDataDriven. He is an experienced software engineer with a deep understanding of numerous technologies and languages.

Andrew is a certified Cloudera, Databricks, and Cassandra instructor, and also enjoys sharing his experiences on stage, for example at Goto Conference.

Training Courses:
Data Processing at Scale Training
Streaming Architecture at Scale Training

"We organize for the delivery of value from AI, we build enterprise AI solutions, and we train your AI skills."

Arjan van den Heuvel

Data & AI Strategy Consultant

Arjan has over 10 years of experience in consultancy, data and analytics from a variety of roles and industries. Before joining GoDataDriven, Arjan was involved in establishing and extending data science teams. He helped organizations growing the data science teams in terms of size, quality, maturity and impact. Empowering organizations to become data-powered and information-driven.

"I like to use creativity, data skills, and knowledge to come up with the best solution for the client."

Barend Garvelink

Data Engineer

Barend is a data engineer at GoDataDriven. He has a background in software engineering. He has worked on software ranging from classic enterprise software and desktop apps to mobile apps and data-driven applications. This wide experience makes him very adaptable.

As a programmer he enjoys chipping away at complex programming problems until an elegant solution clicks into place. He is diligent about writing clean, clear and well-documented software.

Alongside his consultancy work he is a trainer at GoDataDriven. He enjoys sharing knowledge and helping others improve their software craftsmanship. Barend is an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional.

"Data is changing the world as we know it. At GoDataDriven, we are at the forefront of this change, helping organizations leverage data and AI to maximize business value."

Bram Ochsendorf

Lead Data Scientist

Bram is a natural data enthusiast and problem-solver with a vast amount of experience in analyzing large, complex datasets. His passion is to find patterns, insights, and above all, the value that is hidden within raw data.

Bram holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and worked as a research scientist in the United States on data-intensive projects revolving NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. Before his move to GoDataDriven, he worked as a Lead Data Scientist at an Amsterdam tech scale-up. This made him proficient in building, organizing, and coordinating analytical teams while creating business value through the end-to-end delivery of data products.

Bram is an effective communicator who can translate complex problems to both expert and non-expert audiences and enjoys to democratize the usage of data & AI throughout organizations.

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice there is."

Cor Zuurmond

Data Engineer

Cor improves business processes with data.

With a background in physics and a MSc in data science, he is well-versed in a wide variety of tools and practices. Cor understands on a fundamental level the techniques that he applies. He converts questions into automated and optimized processes. Simply put: Cor believes that actions lead to insights more often than insights lead to actions.

After laying out a solid data engineering foundation, Cor applies AI techniques to give every project or product an unrivalled edge. He just loves to automate solutions to turn your most daunting business challenges into a walk in the park.

"Making a company data-driven is more than "just" building scalable and maintainable software and algorithms. You have to re-think how your company is using data to help make your company ready for the future."

Daniël Heres

Data / Machine Learning Engineer

Daniël is a Data and ML Engineer at GoDataDriven. He has experience building data-driven solutions and architecture design.
As a Data/ML Engineer, hee enjoys creating solutions that bring value out of data using scalable and maintainable software.

He is Arrow PMC member of the Apache Arrow project, a new in-memory format for data analytics. He contributes to the Rust implementation and DataFusion, a next generation embeddable SQL engine in Rust.

Daniël holds an MSc in Computer Science with specific interests in Machine Learning, Big Data, Functional Programming, and Compilers.

"Going from raw data to valuable insights, and seeing that mix of surprise and amazement in a user's eyes; that's what drives me."

Daniel van der Ende

Data Gandalf

Daniel is a data engineer at GoDataDriven. He enjoys working on high performance distributed computation with Spark, empowering data scientists by helping them to run their models on very large datasets with high performance. He is an Apache Spark and Apache Airflow contributor and speaker at conferences and meetups. In his spare time, he enjoys video games and reading (both fiction and non-fiction) and can sometimes be found trying out new tech on his home-built server.

"Let's use machine learning to solve real problems."

Daniël Willemsen

Machine Learning Engineer

Daniël is a machine learning engineer at GoDataDriven. He has a broad interest and driven to learn more to enrich his machine learning & data skills. He is fascinated by data & machine learning and the possibilities these topics offer to solve real problems. 

During his studies, he has been involved in a variety of data- and machine learning projects. These projects include determining the optimal racing strategy for a world championship winning solar racing team and performing research into sample-efficient reinforcement learning.

At GoDataDriven, Daniël hopes to combine his interest in machine learning with his enthusiasm for solving real problems through building machine learning and data solutions to help clients.

"Being data-driven goes far beyond traditional structure of separate departments. Only when people work together and are able to use smart applications to take business decisions, you can truly speak of being driven by data."

Dennis Groenhuijzen

Chief Sales

Dennis is GoDataDriven’s Chief Sales, responsible for all customer and sales related activities. For over 10 years Dennis has been privileged to work in the field of CRM, Data Quality, and Master Data Management. He is an experienced sales manager with a proven track-record in enterprise data management solution selling. Engaging with Marketing, IT, and Business Management, Dennis’ drive is to make leading organizations become truly data-driven.

Dennis obtained his Masters degree in Marketing with research focusing on the psychological drivers of loyalty programs and brand awareness.

"And don’t forget….. always in for a fun moment. "

Diana de Kruijf

Office Manager

Diana is the office manager at GoDataDriven. Before joining the GoDataDriven team, she started as an office manager at Xebia, our parent company.

She likes to be the coördinator of all the processes and procedures. Since joining GoDataDriven, the number of GoDataDriven consultants booking flights to the wrong airport has been reduced to zero.

"Give me a challenge and I will find a data-driven solution."

Diederik Greveling

Chief Technology Officer - GoDataDriven Solutions

Diederik Greveling is the CTO at GoDataDriven Solutions. He completed his Computing Science Msc degree cum laude at the University of Groningen where he specialized in machine learning and intelligent systems. He focussed his research on applying Reinforcement Learning in the automotive industry.

He is fluent in Python and Java, has a theoretical background in machine learning, and tries to tackle any data problem which crosses his path.

Currently he drives the GoDataDriven Solutions effort, where we offer turn-key cloud and data solutions for our client.

"To conquer the world you have to make a first step.."

Fred van Goethem

Head of Sales DACH

Fred is Head of Sales for the DACH region and comes with a lot of experience that has been build up over the years in numerous sales roles at international companies, therefore he will be our guy to start building up our GoDataDriven Academy in the German (DACH) market.

Fred is living in Berlin since 2012 together with his girlfriend and daughter. He is born and raised in the 'achterhoek' of the Netherlands, is father of 3 children: Liselotte (18), Pepijn (16) and Amélie (12). Besides being a father Fred enjoys food & drinks with friends and family, travel & all the different cultures, and Formule 1 racing.

"(Human+AI) > * "

Erdem Başeğmez

Machine Learning Engineer

Erdem graduated from Technical University of Munich with B.Sc. + M.Sc. degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. He has applied his theoretical background and  knowledge of machine learning and software development for his clients in various domains in the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and UK.

He enjoys delivering end-to-end data-driven product development, from the analysis of the problem, implementation of the technicals to the translation of the results.

"At GoDataDriven I have the opportunity to help organizations with their data science efforts, designing and managing learning journeys at scale."

Giovanni Lanzani

Managing Director — GoDataDriven Academy

Giovanni has a passion for helping organizations get to the next level. Currently he does so as Managing Director of the GoDataDriven Academy.

With a background in Theoretical Physics, experience in the management consulting department of KPMG, and almost 10 years of experience in the Data & AI field, Giovanni knows what it takes to create successful teams and companies in this space.

Giovanni is regularly invited to speak at conferences and events such as meetups, online seminars, podcasts, and expo's.

He successfully helped clients such as ING, Booking.com, Uber, Ebay, and KLM.

"Making your clean data available for analysis in a continuous and scalable way is what separates successful data-driven companies."

Guillermo Sánchez Dionis

Analytics Engineer

Guillermo is an Analytics Engineer with a really pragmatic and business oriented approach to Big Data Analytics.

He is a clear example of the evolution of the Data Analyst role towards a more engineering focused role powered by modern data platforms. His skills range from writing production-grade data pipelines to building data warehouses or modelling any type of data. He does this while bringing software engineering best practices into his work, which contributes to building scalable and resilient solutions.

"I build AI products and AI teams."

Henk Griffioen

Lead Data Scientist

Henk is a Lead Data Scientist who builds AI products and AI teams.

He combines an academic background in machine learning with extensive experience in building data products in a variety of industries. Besides building data products, Henk enjoys learning and applying new technologies and teaching people new skills. His goal is to build AI products that deliver value and solve the right problem fast.

Clients include: Costa Cruises, Quby, Nuon, Tele2, Heineken, bol.com

"Time flies when you're learning and having fun"

Herbert van Leeuwen

Analytics Translator Trainer

Herbert is a data scientist who believes that successful AI solutions are made by combining good change management with the right technical capabilities. He is fascinated by data & analytics and applying them successfully in organizations.

Herbert holds a Master's degree in Data Science and Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. During his studies, he worked on several data science and machine learning projects. Both during and after his studies, Herbert worked at several organizations as a data scientist.

At GoDataDriven, Herbert strives to help companies get the most out of their data, by facilitating courses on analytics translation and Python with the GoDataDriven Academy.

"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandparent."

James Hayward

Data Educator

James is passionate about using data and AI to have a positive impact.

Having engaged in a number of commercial and academic Machine Learning projects, James is now working with the GoDataDriven Academy to deliver courses on Data Science and Deep Learning. An experienced educator, James has taught across the globe: from East London to China. He enjoys planning creative and engaging lessons, which are structured such that all learners feel challenged.

James holds a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam (Cum Laude); a Master's in Educational Leadership from UCL (Merit); and a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Manchester (First Class Honours). He is fluent in Python, as well as the deep learning frameworks PyTorch and TensorFlow.

Training Courses:
Certified Data Science with Python Foundation Training

"There’s something magical about seeing patterns emerge from large quantities of data and translating these into insights"

Jasper Ginn

Data engineer

Jasper Ginn is a data engineer at GoDataDriven. He graduated cum laude from his Master’s degree in Methodology & Statistics at the University of Utrecht. Before joining GoDataDriven, Jasper held several full-time and part-time positions as both a data analyst and data scientist. He deeply believes in life-long learning, and is always seeking to expand his knowledge.

Jasper is fluent in R and Python and is learning Julia. He is enthusiastic about open-source software and has contributed to several libraries in R, python and Julia.

"working with two people behind one screen or designing together on a whiteboard are usually the highlights of my day"

Jelle Jan Bankert

Data Engineer

Jelle Jan is a Data Engineer at GoDataDriven. He has a MSc degree in Human Media Interaction (Big Data/NLP track) and has worked on data processing pipelines since 2017.

Jelle Jan is passionate about building high quality, easy to maintain code and systems. He is a creative problem solver who has no problems thinking outside the box. Jelle Jan can however also be very pragmatic when needed. He has taken multiple projects from design to production, and then to maintenance and refinement.

He enjoys working closely with colleagues; coaching/helping people with less experience, and learning from those with more. Also working with two people behind one screen, or designing together on a whiteboard are usually the highlights of his day.

"Without data you're just another person with an opinion"

Jovan Gligorevic

Analytics Engineer

Jovan is a creative problem solver with strong business and analytical skills. He is best at working with lots of stakeholders, gathering business requirements and implementing analytic solutions. He is specialized in designing and developing analytic dashboards, developing ETL pipelines, developing and maintaining data models and databases, drafting data governance strategies and coming up with end-to-end analytics solutions.

Jovan is a self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. He works well under pressure and with his quick learning ability he is a valuable asset to every team. He likes to get very involved with the business, to full understand requirements, and is inherently motivated to deliver new insights to the business.

"Never stop learning!"

Julian de Ruiter

Machine learning engineer

Julian is a machine learning engineer at GoDataDriven, who also enjoys dabbling in developing open source software. He previously studied at the Delft University of Technology, where he completed his Bachelor in Computer Science and his Master in Bioinformatics cum laude. After Delft, he spent his PhD exploring breast cancer development and origins of (acquired) treatment resistance at the Netherlands Cancer institute, after which it made sense for Julian to use his skills in a more applied setting at GoDataDriven.

Julian enjoys learning new technologies and finding new ways to apply these technologies to effectively solve real-life problems. In his spare time, he also enjoys developing his own Python packages and contributing to open-source projects. Besides this, he is also co-author of the 'Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow' book, which explains how to effectively use Airflow to build data processing platforms and applications.

Clients include: KNAB and Heineken

Training Courses:
Production Ready Machine Learning Training

"I love building AI products that solve real problems."

Jordi Smit

Machine Learning Engineer

Jordi is a Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven, who loves the intersection between software engineering and machine learning.

Jordi completed his Computer Science Bachelors and Masters at the Delft University of Technology. During his Masters, Jordi discovered his passion for sharing knowledge when he helped to teach multiple Bachelor courses. He is also deeply passionate about Machine Learning based automation, and especially, Computer Vision. At GoDataDriven, he combines these two passions in his work by helping organizations to become data-driven.

Jordi is experienced in various programming languages such as Python, Java, and JavaScript.

"If you are doing Analytics Engineering properly, your analyst will take for granted how much work there is behind the data they consume. "

Juan Manuel Perafan

Analytics Engineer

Juan is GoDataDriven's first Analytics Engineer and organizer of the Amsterdam Data Visualization Meetup.

His mission is to help data consumers to create reliable production-grade data workflows that are easy to maintain, have been properly tested, and are impeccably documented. Half of the time, he teaches analysts how to apply engineering best practices to their workflows. The other half, he helps engineers to get in the shoes of the analysts.

Additionally, he is experienced with low-code tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Dataiku, and Alteryx.

Training Courses:
Power BI in a Day Training
Microsoft Power BI – DA-100 Training
Advanced Power BI – DAX & Data Modeling Training


"I enjoy combining open-source technologies to create new possibilities for the people around me."

Kris Geusebroek

Big Data Hacker and Trainer

Kris is a seasoned and communicative developer with a passion for combining technologies to create new possibilities for the people around him. He started developing with Java and gained vast experience with the development of Geographical Information Systems. Over time, Kris gradually developed a passion for open source solutions.

Over the past years, Kris has been working with distributed systems and graph databases, like Hadoop and Neo4J, for large enterprises.

Clients include: Rabobank, Wehkamp, Dutch National Police, ING, KNAB, Schiphol, ABN AMRO, and Technische Unie

"Great learning and great data science have something in common: they inspire satori moments."

Lucy Sheppard

Data Spirit Guide

Satori, a term meaning awakening, can be used to describe those moments when you experience a sudden dawning of comprehension. To Lucy, there is nothing better than seeing one of these moments reflected on the face of someone who has realised that the somewhat seemingly impossible is, not only possible, but an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Lucy trained as a teacher before spending four years working for a UK bank building models to generate customer risk profiles. She now feels extremely lucky that she can combine her skills in data and her passion for teaching to share knowledge and support the next iteration of data scientists.

Training Courses:
Python for Data Analysts Training
Advanced Data Science with Python Training

"Feel free to call on (+31) 6 30 29 38 87."

Luuk Feitsma

Head of Recruitment

I am responsible for all things related to recruitment. Contact me if you'd like to have a chat with us.

"To realize optimal results, I always strive for the highest accuracy in all the models I develop."

Marcel Raas

Data Scientist

Marcel completed a study in theoretical physics, after which he did a PhD in particle physics at CERN. His first non-academic job was for Shell, building a mathematical toolbox for optimisation and data assimilation. After that he joined ASML, working on the design of algorithms that process measurements that have to be accurate to nanometer precision.

Marcel is fluent in programming in Python, C++, and Matlab, knows mathematics relevant for machine learning (probability theory, optimisation, linear algebra) and how to use these in programming.

Outside work Marcel likes to make music (plays electric guitar in his band), or cycle with his racing bike.

Clients include: Bakkersland/Borgesius, Schiphol, and Intergamma.

"The algorithms are the easy part. The magic is in finding the right questions, only then will you find the right solution. "

Marysia Winkels

Data Scientist

Marysia is a data scientist at GoDataDriven. She completed her Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam, where she specialized in machine learning. Her research was focused on data-efficient deep learning. Applying this research on medical images at a company kickstarted her career at the crossroads of academia and industry.

This left her with a strong theoretical foundation in machine learning and data science. As well as an understanding of and real-world experience with what it entails to bring a project to production. 

She thoroughly enjoys spreading knowledge to help others to improve their data science skills. Even more so, she is always eager to learn from and be inspired by her peers. To facilitate this, in addition to her work at GoDataDriven, she organises regular Python/data science meetups in and around Amsterdam as well as a yearly conference. The conference proceeds are used to directly support the development of open source tools in the Python scientific computing ecosystem.

Training Courses:
Deep Learning Training

"I like to travel quite a lot, discovering new countries. The exploring is also what drives me in my work. You don't know in advance what's going to come out of it, so you better just start and do it. After every corner, you always find something new."

Nelli Gofman

Data Scientist

Growing up in Siberia, Nelli felt a strong desire to broaden her horizons. It was only a matter of time before she moved away and began exploring. Just like wild animals and sheer heights don't intimidate her much, she's not afraid to dive deep into untrodden datasets.

Nelli's background is in Quantitative Finance and prior to joining GoDataDriven, she spent several years working in banking as a Quantitative Risk Manager where most of her data science experience was with building models for credit and operational risk measurement.

Currently her interests are not limited to financial data, she is interested in all kinds of (big or tiny) data use cases and, in particular, how data science can be applied to solve environmental, sustainability, or social issues.

Nelli will be happy to get in touch with you to discuss how machine learning and data science can be leveraged to improve the world or your organisation!

"After obtaining my PhD from the Technical University of Delft, I joined GoDataDriven, where I engineer features and build models using languages such as Python, Java, C#, R."

Niels Zeilemaker

Chief of Technology

Niels is Chief of Technology at GoDataDriven and works for a wide range of companies where he engineers features and builds models.

Niels finished his PhD thesis at the Technical University of Delft where he researched into P2P systems, primarily focusing on privacy and cooperation, including applying encryption and anonymization techniques in the P2P domain.

Niels is experienced in various programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, R.

"Helping people and businesses of every level to become truly data driven"

Nico de Jonge

Business Development Manager Academy

Nico joined the GoDataDriven Academy in the beginning of 2021. He has several years of sales experience within technical training programs. Learning and development was always one of the key interests within his field of work.

People are the number #1 asset of companies. Helping organizations and their employees developing their skills and knowledge is one of his main drives.

Feel free to reach out to Nico for a cup of coffee to get to know what the GoDataDriven Academy can do to help you to reach your goals!

"It takes 3 minutes to do a garbage job and 5 minutes to do it well; don't waste your time."

Noel Kippers

Machine Learning Plumber

Noel Kippers is a Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven. While working on e-commerce platforms, he developed his skills by building machine learning models related to marketing, finance, and recommender systems. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, and his research focussed on building mathematical models to describe random processes. Noel dislikes surprises, and as a Machine Learning Engineer, he strives to build robust systems that ensure results are accurate and on time.

In addition to addressing technical problems, he values the importance of relating Data Science and Machine Learning to the business' needs.

While proficient with Python, R, and various frameworks/libraries related to Data Science, he has deployed Machine Learning pipelines and models using Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

"Automating infrastructure to support Business Intelligence and Analytics functions"

Pádraic Slattery

Analytics Engineer

Pádraic is an Analytics Engineer at GoDataDriven. He started his career as a Data Analyst before developing an interest in how best to automate the more technical aspects that support Business Intelligence and Analytics functions.

Pádraic is a problem solver with strong troubleshooting and analytical skills. He has a keen interest in staying up to date with BI and Analytics technologies. He likes to understand and implement these technologies to help customers structure their technology and people for success.

He has worked across several industries including online advertising, conference organisation and telecommunications where he has provided end-to-end data ownership ranging from ingestion from external sources to presentation in reports. He has undertaken projects including ingesting data from API, SQL and NoSQL sources to an Analytics database and setting up BI tools for FP&A reporting.

Pádraic is a strong advocate for learning by doing and so will always try to implement solutions. He likes to identify requirements and compare and contrast solutions to find the best fit

"Impossible does not exist"

Peter van ‘t Hof

Big Data Engineer

Peter is deeply solution-oriented, always thinking a few steps ahead with the end goal or end user in mind. One of his biggest passions is pulling apart tricky problems to deliver simple solutions.

Peter thrives in company environments where he can work with his peers to get projects across the line. Cross-team collaboration is important to him, and his drive to create solutions that support his colleagues, as well as the company, enable him and his team to deliver impact.

A creative problem solver with strong troubleshooting and analytical skills, Peter stays up to date with new technologies. He likes to understand and implement these technologies as well as help customers adjust their analysis platforms accordingly.

Peter enjoys connecting and harmonizing multiple solutions together, because he finds that that is where he can have fun with data science/engineering, software development, and networks and systems architecture.

Peter has solid experience with the following technologies:

  • Backend: Slurm, SGE, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Big data: Spark, Oozie, Databricks, Airflow
  • Cloud: GCP, Azure
  • Programming: Scala, Java, Python, Bash, SQL
  • Testing: TestNG, Scalatest, Junit
  • Frontend: SpringMVC, Struts2, JSP, Freemarker, Velocity, JSTL, HTML(5), JQuery, DataTables, Flex, Spring
  • Databases: JDBC, Postgres, MySQL, H2, sqlite, Neo4j
  • Building: Maven, Sbt, shell scrips, Make
  • CI: Jenkins, Travis, Gitlab
  • Tools: IntelliJ, Linux, OSX, Git

Clients include: Booking.com

"We are moving towards an era where big data is just the starting point, not the end: I'm here to make data a first class citizen in your company."

Razvan Vacaru

Data Engineering Hero

Razvan is a Data Engineer at GoDataDriven with a sound background in Software Engineering. He has built and maintained data-intensive microservices for the MarTech industry. These services had to stream, process and store large volumes of data for major European companies.

Razvan enjoys making scalable and reliable solutions by leveraging distributed technologies and cloud platforms. He designs applications thinking about quality, simplicity, having tests in place, CI/CD flows, monitoring and alerting systems and documentation.

He holds a BSc degree in Computer Science Engineering. On top of that, he keeps actively learning the latest big data technologies and best practices.

"As the Chief Operations at GoDataDriven I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the company and the continuous improvement of our services."

Renald Buter

Chief Operations

Renald is GoDataDriven's Chief Operations, where he is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company and the continuous improvement of the services offered to GoDataDriven's clients.

He studied Computer Science at the Twente University, where he focused on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. After that, he spent more than a decade as a researcher for the Leiden University, where he got a PhD in the field of the Quantitative Analysis of Science. He has been active in the world of Big Data and Data Science since 2010, when some of the current aspiring Chief Operations were still in high school.

While studying in Twente, his aspirations in building his own computer were squashed when during a Laboratory Class he blew up a transistor in just under a minute and only found out after more than half an hour.

"I have been at the forefront of building the data-driven enterprise since 2009. The pace of innovation in our industry is impressive, and that's exactly what I love about it."

Rob Dielemans


Rob is an experienced director with a proven track-record in technology and data-driven solutions. He has been at the forefront of building the data driven enterprise for years. As a real people's person, Rob enjoys sharing his experiences with like-minded professionals during conferences, trade-shows, and other events. 

Rob holds a MSc in Marketing


Rens Dimmendaal

Data Scientist

Rens graduated cum laude in Econometrics & Operation Research. He has worked as a researcher at the intersection of Business and Machine Learning. At GoDataDriven, Rens builds products that transform data into insights and turn insights into action.

Training Courses:
Deep Learning Applied to NLP Training
Interpretable Machine Learning
AI for Executives


"Let’s team up. Let's get insight in your information."

Roel Bertens

Data Scientist

At GoDataDriven Roel is helping customers by building data products so they can enjoy the value of their data. He is using both his scientific skills as well as his computer programming background to deliver high quality software.

He enjoys keeping in close contact with the business side of the company since this really improves the chance of success and impact of his work. It comes naturally to him to pay close attention to the personal aspects of working in a team/organisation.

Over the years he has gained experience in leading companies such as Heineken, KPN, DuPont, Unilever, Tele2, Friesland Campina, Nuon, ING and Ahold Delhaize.

"At GoDataDriven I have the opportunity to extract valuable insights from (Big) Data analysis and develop data driven products by applying my academic background and broad understanding of a wide range of technologies."

Rogier van der Geer

Data Charmer

Before joining GoDataDriven, Rogier obtained a PhD in particle physics. Rogier gained hands-on experience with handling enormous quantities of data and processing, or 'charming,' them into a manageable format before performing complicated analyses. After his PhD he exchanged physical science for data science at GoDataDriven, where he is now putting his skills to use on more business-driven problems. He likes applying data science to anything; be it his daily commute, improving his photography skills or the contents of his lunch box.

Clients include: Bakkersland, App Annie, Costa Cruises, ING, NPO, Ebay, KLM, and RoyalFlora Holland

"There are 7 days in a week, of which 5 you spend at work so I'll make sure the office feels like a second home!"

Sander Hoogenbosch

Chief Hospitality Amsterdam

With 15 years of experience in hospitality, Sander is the go-to guy if you have any questions about hospitality or the facilities in the Amsterdam office.

Whether it's planning an event or the building needs some TLC, Sander will help you with a smile.

Without Sander and his hospitality colleagues, there would be no great coffee, tasty lunch, or snacks to battle the mid-afternoon slump. Sander is not only great at making awesome coffee, he is also GoDataDriven's sandwich artist in residence.

"Data is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get"

Sarah Parinussa

Data Scientista

Sarah Parinussa is a Data Scientist at GoDataDriven. Before joining GDD, Sarah worked as a researcher and data scientist on diverse projects ranging from time-series studies to medical CT-image analyses to building production ready ML pipelines. She is keen on extracting relevant insights from data and linking those to business value. Experience has taught her that you often have to look beyond the data to find the deeper meaning in your results.

Sarah has a broad interest in diverse topics and is always eager to learn, this in combination with her diverse background in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence gives her the ability to view problems from a different perspective, and thus create out-of-the box solutions.

A curious mind, a positive vibe and a handful of creativity are essential to make any project work.

Current client: Atradius



Shanon ten Napel

Chief Hospitality Amsterdam

With 15 years of experience in hospitality and a bachelor in Leisure & Events Management, Shanon always aims to create a homely hospitality experience with a little bit of added flair.

When colleagues want to organize an event, there are a lot of details to think about, such as the planning, permits, catering, personnel, and of course, the stage setting. Luckily Shanon is an expert in all these details and adds her own personal touch to our events.

If you have any questions regarding our office in Amsterdam about booking a room, organizing an event, or finding the right supplier for your event, Shanon will be happy to help you out.

Get in touch stennapel@xebia.com
"Getting the most out of AI requires a team effort. Consider AI to be 10% about algorithms, 20% about technology, and 70% about business process transformation. "

Steven Nooijen

Lead Data Scientist

Steven likes to combine thorough data analysis with strategic business thinking. Being a data science consultant since 2014, he has demonstrated the added value of analytics in several industries now, often redefining business processes using data-driven insights. To make his point Steven has mastered not only R and Python, but also PowerPoint. This makes him an excellent translator who brings value by bridging the gap between business stakeholders and data scientists.

Before becoming a consultant, Steven studied Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam and worked in the financial industry. He decided to become a data scientist after investigating how sentiment derived from social media text data influences financial markets. His work got published in the Journal of Behavioral Finance. Although the algorithm didn't make him rich, he gained valuable experience in modelling and programming. Something that he now teaches to clients at GoDataDriven.

Steven is a data and travel enthousiast. In his spare time he combines both passions by building a recommendation engine for travel inspiration. Need a suggestion for your next trip? Check out his hobby project Stairway to Travel.

Please feel free to contact Steven if you want to know how Data Science or Big Data could be relevant to your organisation.

Clients include: KLM, Dynniq, and Randstad

"It takes more than correct model outcomes to create business impact. It might even involve some slides."

Steven van Duin

Analytics Educator

Steven beliefs that data-driven decision-making needs stakeholder involvement as much as it needs a solid data model. He helps companies embed data science beyond its data scientists and engineers, by facilitating business translator and analytics translator courses with the GoDataDriven Academy.

Steven gained extensive experience in facilitating trainings, stakeholder involvement and project team management. He obtained this experience through his work as a management consultant (6+ years) and trainer of various courses (10+ years).

Steven holds a Master’s degree in Econometrics - Quantitative Finance (Cum Laude) and Bachelor’s degrees in Econometrics & Operations Research, and in International Business Economics. Steven is proficient in Python.

Training Courses:
Certified Analytics Translation Training

"I love guiding our clients on their journey to becoming data-driven organizations."

Stijn Tonk

Chief Strategy & Innovation

After graduating Cum Laude in Natural Science, Stijn decided to apply his scientific skills to work in a business environment. Before joining GoDataDriven, Stijn worked on data solutions in the mobile app market and secure transaction industry.

As Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Stijn is responsible for keeping GoDataDriven on top of its game when it comes to driving innovation through data science and machine learning. To achieve this goal, Stijn heads several programs that are all about learning today what can be done with the technology of tomorrow. An example of this is our GDD Moonshots initiative which focuses on solving high-impact problems by applying new technology, using uncharted data sets and building cutting-edge products.

In the role of Lead Data Scientist, Stijn helps clients with building smarter and more relevant data products that truly create value for both business and customer. To achieve this goal, Stijn guides organizations in rapidly going from business ideas to data applications running production.

Clients include: Randstad, ING, Heineken, Transavia, KLM, Vattenfall, Eneco, Schiphol, NPO, EO, AppAnnie, and Interpolis.

"At GoDataDriven I have the opportunity to extract valuable insights from (Big) Data analysis and develop data driven products by applying my academic background and broad understanding of a wide range of technologies."

Tünde Alkemade

Big data hacker

Tünde Alkemade is a Big Data Hacker at GoDataDriven, where she focuses on installing, interconnecting and tuning systems and also on implementing software needed for data driven solutions.

Fascinated by the challenges that distributed systems can pose, she developed her skills by obtaining a MSc in distributed computing and decided to apply her knowledge to production systems. She gained her consulting skills at KPMG, where she acted as an architect for several large corporations.

At GoDataDriven, she finally found the perfect combination of helping clients and hands-on work. She is involved in setting up secure Hadoop clusters, optimizing search results, creating recommendation systems, and giving advice to customers.

Clients include: Booking.com, Knab, NS, ING, Vattenfall (Nuon), RTL, Bakkersland, Schiphol, Wehkamp, Sonepar, KPN, KLM, Kamer van Koophandel, Reed Business, and IMC

"To solve a problem based on facts from data is what attracts me most."

Tim van Cann

Data Magician

Tim is often referred to as machine learning engineer. He has a background in Artificial Intelligence (MSc) and Software Development and as such enjoys building scalable machine learning solutions, feeling comfortable with both data science and data engineering.

His main focus is getting models to production to achieve business value.

Tim is often seen in the gym lifting weights. He also takes the occasional run, bike ride, swim, or crossfit WOD. Ask him anything about food and/or fitness and you'll likely get a helpful answer.

Training Courses:
Docker & Kubernetes Training
Create Data Science Products Training
Python for Data Engineers Training

"Data and technology are important. But people, processes, and organizational culture are equally important to become truly data-driven."

Tim Waijers

Head of Sales

Tim has 10+ years of experience in the information technology and services industry, in both small/medium-sized and corporate organizations.

He’s very passionate about people, technology, and the most effective ways to connect the two by sharing his knowledge and experience. Working collaboratively with customers and partners inspires and excites him, especially when the outcome is noticeable valuable to a business and results in real innovation.

Tim studied at the University of Twente, where he obtained his MSc degree and an Executive MBA focused in Business Administration and Management from TSM Business School.

Want to know more about what GoDataDriven can do for your business? Don’t hesitate to connect!


Timo Uelen

Machine Learning Engineer
Timo is a Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven. He enjoys creating high quality software, usually involving Machine Learning. He has experience in both the public and private sector, building a wide variety of robust and scalable Machine Learning applications.


Timo always strives to improve the quality his work and helping others to do the same. He has experience in giving courses on Python, Airflow and many and other technical topics.

"You can be afraid of everything and do nothing or you can try and learn."

Travis Dent

Data Engineer
Travis is a data engineer who builds robust systems following solid engineering principals and striving for rapid value delivery.  He is experienced in gathering requirements, architecting solutions and leading solutions teams.  In the last few years he has mainly been active with Microsoft technologies, particularly tooling in the Azure cloud platform.

Travis's experience has refined what he holds dear in terms of way of work and methodologies for any project's success, namely modularity, simplicity and automated testing and deployment.  To seek the balance between technical perfection and value delivery, Travis follows the principal of make it work, make it right, make it fast without compromising on quality.
"I try not to forget that the neural networks in our own heads are also pretty useful "

Usman Zafar

Machine Learning Engineer

Usman is a Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven. He has a BSc in Physics from Imperial College London and a MSc in Data Science from the University of Edinburgh. He has worked at a professional services company where he developed data solutions for a global userbase and at a startup in the automotive industry where he both developed and implemented data science solutions. He has also worked within the Insect Robotics research group at the University of Edinburgh where he specialised in computational neuroscience and was able to combine his theoretical knowledge and software engineering skills to perform complex simulations of biological processes in the brain.

Usman has great attention to detail and thrives on creating high-quality work from which others can benefit. His educational background has influenced his approach and he strives to abide by a set of foundational principles (often from the software engineering world) that can guide his work.

"As Analytics Engineer my mission is to make the right data available for the right people at the right time, in an automatic, scalable and secure way."

Zhou Shu

Analytics Engineer

Zhou is an Analytics Engineer at GoDataDriven. Worked as a data analyst and consultant previously, it didn’t take her long to realize that the lack of automation is the bottleneck of most organizations’ data-driven journey. She is now a passionate advocate of data democratization and is keen to help organizations optimize their analytics workflow with cutting-edge technologies.

Zhou holds a Ph.D. in Systems & Control from Delft University ofTechnology, where she developed a methodology to optimize the maintenance activities of Dutch railway networks. She is experienced in providing end-to-end analytics solutions in various industrial sectors, including last-mile deliveries, container terminals, transportation, and infrastructures. She is a self-starter and a master in stakeholder management.

Zhou enjoys exploring different technical domains and looking for the latest advances. She is a lifelong learner, who believes that optimization, at both individual and organization levels, is a never-ending journey.

"They say data is like oil. In that case, let me find, drill, clean, transport and store this digital liquid for you."

Lasse Benninga

Analytics Engineer

Lasse is an Analytics Engineer at GoDataDriven. He has a BSc degree in Informatics and he has been working in the Data field since 2018. He has all-round experience in cloud engineering, software engineering, web development and creating mobile apps.

Lasse loves exploring and untangling datasets, learning more from stakeholders, and extracting value for the customer. Previously he worked in KLM’s Predictive Maintenance team, creating a production-grade pipeline that transformed aircraft data into analytics dashboards, which drove KLM Engineering & Maintenance to cut costs in aircraft component replacements by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lasse is fully committed to DevOps™. By leveraging Git, Docker and CI/CD, automated pipelines and infrastructureas-code can be shared across the company and achieve a replicable and transparent way of working. Lasse likes to explore the vast landscape of (open source) technology in order to implement the latest and greatest, while keeping in mind the customer’s needs for security and granularity.

Lasse loves to learn: he enjoys following courses and earning certifications so he can bring new insights to the client's projects and his GDD coworkers.

"One of my favorite moments is to see a sparkle in people’s eyes when they face surprising insights that you uncovered in their data. Knowledge that was always there, but remained hidden until a proper key was found."

Vadim Nelidov

Data Enchanter

Vadim combines advanced data science with business insights to make data work with an impact. He sees far beyond what is on the surface and gets to the essence of the problems, discovering innovative long term solutions rather than temporary fixes. Having an academic background, Vadim is always at the frontier of the latest techniques and innovations. This allows him to understand, optimize, and interpret cutting-edge algorithms that may be merely a black box for others.

Vadim is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights, believing that Data literacy should not be a privilege of a few. And his goal is to be there to make this a reality. Making the intricacies of data analysis intelligible and uncovering the regularities hiding in the data is a major source of inspiration for Vadim.

Beyond conventional Data Science, Vadim is a Reinforcement Learning & Automated Behavior enthusiast. In his spare time, he is curious about discovering applications of automated decision systems in domains such as art and music.
Please feel free to contact Vadim if you want to know how Data Science can provide unconventional solutions for seemingly everyday problems.

Training Courses:
Data Science with Spark Training
Practical Time Series Analysis & Forecasting Training
Bayesian Modeling Training

"Let’s productionize that Proof of Concept!"

Wessel Vonk

Data Engineer

Wessel helps clients building data-intensive applications. Operating at the intersection of data science and data engineering, he bridges the perceived gap between the two.

As Wessel favors the minimalist and modular approach to software development, Wessel always strives to implement reusable pieces of functionality. Reinventing the wheel could and should become a rarity, he believes.

Before joining GoDataDriven as a Data Engineer, he dedicated his time and effort to building data pipelines and implementing (predictive) analytics applications for clients in various industries.

Let’s build the future of AI development

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