Posted on — 16 April 2019

Data Council Meetup Announced

Today, GoDataDriven announced the start of a local Data Council Meetup. By combining several Meetup groups into one overarching group for all data specialists, this group instantly is the largest of all global Data Council AI Meetup groups. More information

Community-Powered Events

Data Council is a community-powered data platforms, engineering, science, and analytics event for software engineers, machine learning experts, deep learning researchers & artificial intelligence buffs who want to discover tools and insights to build new products. Data Council organizes four conferences and currently has local meetup groups in twelve cities across the globe, including Barcelona, Boston, New York, Kuala Lumpur, London, Singapore, San Francisco, and Zürich.

One Platform for All Data Practitioners

“The Data Science field is changing. While the market matures, many specific tools and technologies become mainstream while others are introduced to solve really specific issues. By combining our existing Meetup groups into one, we provide a single platform for data practitioners to learn about machine learning, data platforms, artificial intelligence and everything else necessary to develop valuable data applications and solutions, backed by the various Data Council initiatives around the world”, explained Niels Zeilemaker, CTO at GoDataDriven.

Deeply technical professionals (software engineers, data scientists, CTOs, etc.) are lifelong learners, and they acquire information in any way possible. It’s easy to understand how access to digital content has been game changing when it comes to coding education and continuing skill development. But, there is another key way knowledge is shared that might seem both obvious yet under-appreciated at the same time: receiving information orally and in-person from trusted colleagues, mentors, and friends.

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