Data Discovery Workshop

One-day workshop to formulate a vision and generate use case ideas.

Generate DataDriven use cases by bringing team members together from different departments

A one-day workshop to formulate a vision and generate use case ideas. Generate DataDriven use cases by bringing team members together from different departments.

The Data Discovery Workshop is one of the first steps towards becoming a DataDriven enterprise. During this one-day, hands-on experience, your organization will generate dozens of data use case ideas to support the definition of a DataDriven strategy. Working together, members from different departments (IT, marketing, business, etc.) establish a mutual understanding of challenges and opportunities.

Participants learn the latest developments and gain a familiarity with the field of data, connectivity, and the characteristics of a DataDriven enterprise. Afterwards, numerous, validated use cases are available to bring to live.

The Data Discovery Workshop includes:

1. Kick-off

A brief introduction by a manager or board member, sharing his or her vision of data. Followed by an explanation of data, stressing the importance and urgency to see it as an essential asset.

2. Inspiration session

Explore the impact and opportunities of Big Data and Data Science as the GoDataDriven experts share best-practices and use cases. You’ll learn how these areas of data are sparking disruption in existing markets.

3. The DataDriven enterprise

Big Data is more than technology. It’s about becoming a new type of company with a new way of working. In this segment of the workshop, we’ll explore what it means to be DataDriven. How is the DataDriven enterprise organized? What is the role of and the relationship between business, IT, management, and the board? How can a company develop corporate agility? And a culture where experimentation is part of the everyday job? In a world that is constantly changing, can being DataDriven help you adequately respond? These are just some of the questions that will fuel this lively segment of the workshop.

4. Big Data use case brainstorm session

Working in groups in two to three rounds, participants use the Business Model Canvas to brainstorm data use cases that are realistic and supported by the organization. This session gets people actively thinking about ways to implement use cases within their departments.

After every round, ideas and feedback are presented plenary.

5. Wrap-up

Participants select the best use cases by dot voting and order validated use cases on feasibility, based on GoDataDriven’s consultation.

The next step after the workshop is to start developing proof of concepts and create predictive models to bring the use cases into production.


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I am very satisfied with the Data Discovery Workshop. We had a great vibe of getting and spreading ideas within an international delegation from our organization. The GoDataDriven team was very inspiring for us.

Head of IT and Customer Solutions
International Energy Company