Data Innovation Lab

Your internal incubator for experiments, rapid prototyping, and productionizing of data products, with the goal to provide your organization with the ability to develop data-driven products autonomously, independent from consultancy services.

Data Innovation Lab

Data Innovation Lab

The importance of data for running a business has dramatically changed. Insights from data remain important, but the use of data to automate your business will proof to be the key to make your organizations future-proof. This data-driven future is imminent. Within 5 years most data intensive processes will be run by AI-driven applications, whether it is sales, marketing, procurement, production, or logistics. The challenge is how to make this happen. Many organizations already use data for insights but find it challenging to bridge the gap between generating insights and converting this into data-driven products that automate business decisions.

To create these types of products, organizations need to invest in technology, people and skills, data, processes, and governance. Without the track record and culture of successfully implementing data products, it is extremely difficult for organizations to develop the needed capabilities and to attract the right talents.

Until now there was no silver bullet for implementing a data strategy. The Data Innovation Lab overcomes these issues for large enterprises, so they can transform into data-driven organizations.

Business Case Driven Approach

The Data Innovation Lab revolves around a fail-fast and business case driven approach, refined by our years of experience with building data-driven enterprises.

The Data Innovation Lab is a turn-key proposition that facilitates the entire process of becoming data-driven from idea generation to taking data products into production.

Within the Data Innovation Lab data experts work together with the business to address operational challenges and innovations, free from existing conventions and processes.

How the Data Innovation Lab Operates

The Data Innovation Lab takes your organization beyond basic reporting and insights by developing data-driven products and taking these in production.

Data Innovation Lab

Core Team

The Data Lab is built around a core team, headed by a business liaison from your organization and the most experienced Data Scientists and Data Engineers from GoDataDriven.

The business liaison is responsible for keeping the lab pipeline filled. He or she engages with the business, collects new ideas and makes sure good ones are picked-up by the lab. Together with the team, the business liaison makes sure that each experiment has a good value proposition for the business.

The core team establishes a data platform, develops relations with your internal product champions, and generates validated use cases with the business. Through workshops, presentations, and demo's, the core team creates visibility within your organization.

The product champion is an important stakeholder from the business that ‘champions’ the solution the lab is developing. This excitement originates from a deep understanding of how the solution could change his or her business. He or she is able to deliver the required resources needed for the development effort.

Developing Production-Ready Data Products

Data Innovation Lab

Usually it takes only a couple of weeks to go from idea to (successful) experiment.


In the idea phase, which takes about 1 - 2 weeks, the Data Innovation Lab explores use cases with experienced business representatives and develops value propositions by converting validated use cases into minimum viable products (MVP's). When a MVP has proven its value, it is immediately scaled-up and engineered to become a production-ready application.

By marrying data products with decision science, your organization will be able to take real-time actions based on facts. True Data Science!


After the development of the first MVP's, separate data teams are formed on top of the core team. These data teams, consisting of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Analysts and a Product Owner, develop data products for the business by the motto 'Learn by doing. Don't dissect the frog but build it yourself'. The experiment phase is a 4 - 8-week period in which the data team designs the experiment, builds the minimum viable product (MVP) and, as the end result, presents a proof of concept and business decisions.

Productionization Finally, the project is moved to the productionization phase. During this stage, the solution is handed over and engineered to become a scalable, tested, and robust solution that becomes a part of the everyday process.

How is the data platform implemented? Based on needs per experiment, is there a fundamental platform needed?

Benefits of the Data Innovation Lab

The Data Innovation Lab increases the innovation speed of your organization instantly and helps you to grow your own skills, so that your organization can become independent from consultancy services.

  1. Turn-key - GoDataDriven conveys its skills and knowledge gradually along the way;
  2. Experience - GoDataDriven has been developing data products since 2009;
  3. Proven Method of Working - Our way of working has been developed and fine-tuned in real life while working for large enterprises;
  4. Production-ready Data Products - GoDataDriven has a proven track record of engineering data products that are tested, robust, scalable, and can be taken into production;
  5. No Long Recruitment Cycles - The development of the first use cases commences directly after the installment of the Data Innovation Lab;
  6. Knowledge Transfer - GoDataDriven shares its knowledge and experience along the way;
  7. Support with assessing and recruiting - During the process, GoDataDriven helps with attracting the right people, so that you ultimately can become independent from consultancy services.

Who Are Using It?

The Data Innovation Lab takes your organization beyond basic reporting and insights by developing data-driven products and taking these in production.

Stijn Tonk
Chief Innovation and Strategy, GoDataDriven