Data Science Audit

Two day on-site review that benchmarks the data science and engineering capabilities of your organization, with actionable advice on how to move forward.

Data Science Audit

The explosion in popularity of data science and big data has often spurred ad-hoc solutions and inefficient pipelines. By highlighting the areas of growth for your organization, the Data Science Audit advises organizations on how to become truly data driven. Through interviews, architecture and code reviews, the audit is the ideal tool to find the hotspots where attention is needed. The audit concentrates on the areas where most organizations struggle, such as how to put machine learning models into production.

Moving your business forward

A successful DataDriven organization requires knowing the inner levers that move your business. Translating these levers to pipelines and models if not always straightforward. How should the engineering and data science teams be coordinated, which relevant technologies or models can be applied to your domain.

Elements of the Data Science Audit

The Data Science Audit consists of a review of your engineering, data science, and data innovation capabilities.

The outcome of the results are presented in a quick scan report. This report contains an overview of our findings as well as actionable advice of potential next steps. During a wrap-up meeting our Chief Data Science will present the audit report, provide explanation, and discuss how data can help you innovate even more.

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I've personally experienced the professionalism of the GDD Data Science Audit providing us with fresh insights and concrete recommendations that can actually be implemented directly to the organization, IT and development of skills.

Ronald Root
Senior Data Driven Business Developer, Eneco