Data Science Suite

24/7 managed full-stack data science platform in the cloud packed with all the necessary tools and infrastructure to kickstart your Data Science practice.

Data Science Suite

Setting up and managing a Big Data infrastructure can be daunting.

With Data Science Suite, there’s no need to understand and configure the tools and infrastructure yourself. It’s the ideal solution for organizations that don’t have a team of engineers and are looking for a managed workbench for their data scientists to become productive fast.

Data Science Suite is a continuously managed full-stack cloud platform packed with all the necessary tools and infrastructure you need to kickstart your Data Science practice.

Its complete, pre-configured set-up winningly enables data scientists to quickly develop a proof of concept (Sandbox) and productionize Data Science models.

Data Science Suite’s state-of-art technology and infrastructure includes Cloudera, iPython, R, and Azure.

Data Science Suite Ecosystem

Why Data Science Suite?

  • One-stop shop: Administration, maintenance, and support from one supplier
  • Peace of mind: Our skilled engineers set up and manage the entire platform so you can focus on your business.
  • Quick Deployment: We have years of experience with Azure and Data Science and can have you up and running in a matter of days.
  • No Large, Upfront Investments: You pay a fixed monthly subscription fee, and we take care of the licenses. The monthly cost includes setup, monitoring, support, and updates. Plus, you only pay for the processing power you use.
  • Continuous Availability: The support team is on standby around-the-clock.
  • Always Up-to-Date: All software is monitored and updated as soon as newer releases are available.

Data Science Suite comes with a completely configured stack that includes R/RStudio, Python/Pandas, and IPython/Jupyter. The platform is easily extendible with an Azure infrastructure that guarantees scalability and high performance.

Cloud Platform

The Data Science Suite has been originally developed for Azure, but can be installed in any cloud, whether it is Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS.

Proactive Communication and Improvements

Any foreseeable network hitches are communicated and highlighted to stakeholders, engineers, and other technical support teams at the first possibility. When more storage or extra nodes are needed, we ensure that this is taken care of before any issues arise. Furthermore, technical reports on the state of network operations are shared with stakeholders, providing a retrospect on system performance. These reports include mean time to acknowledge an issue (MTTA), mean time to restore service (MTTRS), and mean time between failures (MTBF).

Software upgrades can be done upon request of the client, but patches are always installed upon becoming available.

An automated alert system ensures pro-active system monitoring. The support team is available during office hours (24/7 for critical issues).

Infrastructure Automation

The infrastructure is automated by using orchestrators (Jenkins/rundeck) and config management tools like Chef and Puppet.

A baseline module for Chef/Puppet will be created to manage the complete ecosystem. These baseline modules include security patches, monitoring agents, and health check statistics.


Schiphol Group implements Data Science Suite

The Data Science Suite is a ready-to-use platform with all the necessary tools for data scientists, such as R/RStudio, Python/Pandas, and IPython/Jupyter, and is easily extendible.

Friso van Vollenhoven
CTO, GoDataDriven