Posted on — 22 June 2022

For Organizations in the Eindhoven Region, Working Data-Driven Is Closer Than Ever

The AI ​​Innovation Center and GoDataDriven are entering into a partnership for the organization of local community events and certified data training.
To stimulate the successful development of data solutions in the Brabant region, the Eindhoven AI Innovation Center and GoDataDriven are joining forces. Jointly, they will bring a complete portfolio of Data and AI training to the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

The first training, covering Certified Analytics Translation, will take place on the 29th and 30th of September.

Knowledge Sharing Through Training and the Development of a Local Community

“Our mission to accelerate the application of AI in the Brainport region, knowledge sharing is a crucial pillar. By entering into a partnership with GoDataDriven, we can help regional organizations to get more out of their data initiatives”
Paul van Son, Initiator of the AI ​​Innovation Center, explains the importance of this collaboration

In recent years, GoDataDriven has gained the necessary experience in bringing together data professionals. The data consultancy boutique is the driving force behind various communities and has trained hundreds of organizations at nationally as well as internationally, including ASML, Danone, Rabobank and DSM.

Via the recently initiated Eindhoven Data Community and the organization of high-quality training courses in Eindhoven, this knowledge about the latest data and AI developments is more accessible than ever before

“Knowledge sharing is very important to us, so we like to facilitate knowledge sharing between organisations. We have noticed that it is important for local professionals to exchange experiences about data and AI with like-minded people from the region."
Max van Kasteren, Founder Eindhoven Data Community and Sales Manager at GoDataDriven Eindhoven

“Thanks to the collaboration with the AI Innovation center, we can now support ambitious data-driven organizations in the south of the country even better.”

Successful Data Application Development by Bridging the Gap Between Business Operations and IT

With the Analytics Translation training, one of the most successful data training courses at the moment has now also become available in Eindhoven.

“We believe that organizations can only be really successful with data if they have all the necessary knowledge in-house, from management to operations and from strategy to execution. Due to the partnership with the AI ​​Innovation Center, our unique training courses are now available direclty in the Brainport region. Because of thise development, I am proud to say that we can help organizations in the Eindhoven area realize their ambitions with data directly."
Nico de Jonge, Head of Business Development at GoDataDriven Academy.

The Analytics Translation training is the world’s first and only certified training in this area. By following this training and passing the corresponding exam, a participant has demonstrable knowledge to successfully identify, develop and implement AI applications in an organization.

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