GDD EVENTS meetup in Amsterdam

June 22, 2022 / Wibautstraat 200, Amsterdam

Welcome to the second live get-together for the global in Amsterdam.

We’ll have a combination of talks, lightning talks, and ample time to socialize with others in the community!

18:00 — 🍕 Pizza
19:00 — 🎤 Simon Stiebellehner’s talk on “Workload orchestration with SageMaker Pipelines” at TMNL
19:30 — ⏯ Short break
19:45 — ️⚡️ Lightning talks (short 5min talks)
20:15 — 🥤 Drinks

Sign-up instructions:

Sign up via
Let us know if you want to give a ⚡️ lightning talk (first come, first serve)
Let us know if you have any strict dietary restrictions (e.g. vegan🌱)
Lightning talk inspiration:

What are you working on?
What do you (not) like about a particular MLOps tool?
Why do you think XYZ is over/underrated?
What are your take-aways from a book or paper you read?
What concept or idea are you excited about?
Did you discover any neat software packages recently?
Do you have any great MLOps productivity tips?
MLOops! — Do you have any personal stories on ML gone wrong?
…anything else! As long as you think it might enlighten others 💡

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