The first company that found itself with lots of data stored in an unconventional format yet needed fast processing and cheap storage was Google. The idea’s behind Google solution to these issues were picked up by a team lead by Doug Cutting, which created Hadoop in 2006.

Since then Hadoop has seen an enormous growth, given in part to its ability to run on industry-standard hardware. It provides a system which is scalable, fault-tolerant, and reliable thanks to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and the MapReduce programming model.

The first company to start leveraging Hadoop in its day to day operations was Yahoo!, who was soon followed by other internet giants such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Hadoop ecosystem

Several companies have been founded to offer Hadoop services and distributing Hadoop. The first one was Cloudera (2008), later followed by Hortonworks.

In the Netherlands, the founders of GoDataDriven already started using and implementing the first Hadoop clusters at the largest e-commerce companies and financial institutions in the Netherlands in 2009.

This early start has allowed GoDataDriven to become the first Cloudera partner outside the United States and the exclusive training partner for the Benelux area. GoDataDriven is now also a Hortonworks and a Databricks partner and one of the co-organizers of NL-HUG, the official Dutch Hadoop user group.

Hadoop training

GoDataDriven is one of the most experienced training organizations in the field of Hadoop and NoSQL technology in the Netherlands, and offers an extensive curriculum of Big Data training.

Hadoop references

Schiphol Group Large e-retailer Bol.com

Hadoop has become the standard for Big Data storage. GoDataDriven is proud to partner with Cloudera, Hortonworks, and other technology providers including Databricks

Rob Dielemans
Managing Director, GoDataDriven