Analytics Translator

As an Analytics Translator you help top companies leverage the opportunities of data science and machine learning.


Analytics Translator

You are passionate about helping organizations drive their success with Data & AI. You feel comfortable operating at the sweet spot between UX, Tech and Business. And, after uncovering the needs of the business, you're not afraid to take ownership and make sure the right solution goes into production!

How You Will Help

to Create Value with Data & AI

At GoDataDriven, we build strong data & AI practices to deliver value to both our clients and their customers. In the past, our team of data professionals has predicted the daily demand for millions of loaves of bread, advanced energy saving algorithms to nationwide scale, and set up data innovation labs at large multinationals. We have already enjoyed great success in making the top companies AI-driven – just think of what more we can achieve when YOU join our team!

As an Analytics Translator you help companies leverage the opportunities of data science and machine learning. You spot and quantify opportunities, help their teams focus on solving the right problems and guide them in building AI solutions. You ensure that developed solutions make it to production and deliver value from day one. In the bigger picture, you embed data & AI within the organization’s DNA to help our clients become AI-Driven.

What You Will Do

to Make Organizations AI-Driven

The Analytics Translator is the liaison between senior management, the business, and data experts. On some days, you are the gatekeeper of the project funnel, brainstorm ideas with executives, and work with the data experts to groom the backlog of viable ideas. On others, you do a workshop to refine a use case and put the process in place for developing it in a valuable AI solution. And if this solution is a success, you make sure the whole organization knows about it.

Besides translating the needs of the business, you also educate them on how data & AI can add value to their daily job. By putting the business in the driver seat when developing solutions, you help make the organization become truly AI-Driven.

Why This Role

Is Your Dream Job

  • You want to do AI product management and have experience with managing projects, agile development, and stakeholder management.
  • You are entrepreneurial at heart, a strong communicator and have consultancy skills that you want to apply at the top companies of the Netherlands.
  • You have at least 3 years hands-on experience with data science or machine learning.

Is Not Your Dream Job

  • You want to code every day and want to be hands-on involved in training models.
  • You do not like larger organizations, hate to be in meetings and give presentations.
  • You have never built a machine learning model and ETL pipeline in Python.

Analytics Translator!

The GoDataDriven Way

At GoDataDriven, we treat each other with respect, cooperation, and a view towards creating an enthusiastic, self-empowered, dynamic working community. Our culture exudes creativity and ambition, and our colleagues share an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We’re especially proud of our generous training budget and our “Hack-What-You-Want” Fridays.

In addition to a great culture, we provide competitive primary benefits:

  • competitive salary;
  • pension plan;
  • a real training budget, without a fight. In fact, it’s your obligation to spend it every year;
  • extended insurance;
  • choose your laptop;
  • choose your phone;
  • and, of course, your own pair of custom GoDataDriven blue Nikes when you join!

Our core values are: people first, quality without compromise, sharing knowledge, and customer intimacy. At GoDataDriven, you’ll find like-minded colleagues at the forefront of their fields with the courage to veer from the beaten path; they are the people who put organizations into motion.

Meet Your New Colleagues

We sat down with a few of our data scientists to talk about their work. Topics discussed are for example work-life balance, writing intellectually challenging code, and giving back to the community.

Giovanni Lanzani - Director of Learning and Development Nelli Gofman - Data Scientist

Lukas Koning - Data Scientist Jelte Hoekstra - Data Scientist


The business needs to be in the driver seat to build valuable AI solutions. Here, however, organizations face a conundrum; how can you let the business drive the build of highly technical solutions without the technical expertise on a topic that is so different from traditional IT? This is where the Analytics Translator comes into play.

Henk Griffioen
Lead Data Scientist, GoDataDriven