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Accelerate innovation with the latest AI technology.

Room for Innovation

At GoDataDriven, we apply the best (open-source) technology to exciting projects for our clients. We strive to stay up-to-date on the latest technological developments and stimulate innovation by organizing bi-weekly knowledge exchanges, a monthly “Hack-What-You-Want Friday,” and an internal innovation initiative we call “Moonshots.”


Our Moonshots initiative accelerates innovation by applying the latest AI technology. It focuses on new technology, uncharted data sets, cutting-edge products, and high-impact problems.

Our consultants come up with the next “bright idea” - something that could create impact. The consultant who pitches the best one wins the time and budget to work on it. In these exciting GoDataDriven Moonshot projects, we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and apply the latest technologies. More than business value, the focus is on pure innovation.


The first Moonshots-winning project was conceived by Ivo Everts for University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). He teamed up with data scientist Kicky van Leeuwen and professor Pim van der Harst (UMCG) to develop an automated medical diagnosis from MRI and patient data using deep learning.

Ivo Everts

The goal is to build an application, coined CardioAI, that can process cardiovascular MRI and patient data to assist in the formulation of a medical diagnosis.

Using deep learning, the application performs image segmentation on the MRI data to derive metrics that are potentially predictive indicators for specific diseases and physical conditions. The patient data includes variables such as age, gender, earlier diagnosis, medicine usage, and others. A diagnosis is defined as a probability distribution over a set of diseases and physical conditions. The per-disease probability will be formulated as a mathematical combination of metrics derived from the image data with patient data.

Follow Ivo on His Journey

Stay up-to-date on all the ups and downs of Ivo’s Moonshot project. He’ll post vlogs regularly to share his daily adventures, which you can follow here.

S1E1 Partners and Hackathon Preparation

In this episode, Kicky, Pim, and Ivo introduce themselves, the team goes on a trip to get more partners involved and prepares for the hackathon that takes place during Dutch Data Science Week.

S1E2 Hacking and Spark AI Summit

In this episode, Kicky and Ivo lead a hackathon during Dutch Data Science Week and Ivo travels to San Francisco.

S1E3 The End Is Just the Beginning

In this episode, Kicky and Ivo make it all come together as they finish their project. Or does it finish? This vlog also shows what's possible when you just start adventures and explore new frontiers.

Your Own Moonshot

Do you want to work on a moonshot project? We challenge you to shoot for the moon with an API! (This challenge is part of PyData Amsterdam 2018) Check out the challenge here

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The goal of our moonshot projects is to accelerate innovation with the latest AI technology.

Stijn Tonk
Chief Strategy & Innovation