Alexander Bij

Alexander Bij is Big Data Hacker at GoDataDriven.


Alexander Bij solves difficult issues by listening and analyzing. Alexander has strong skills in listening and analyzing issues and working out the best solution. He aims to deliver business value that at minimum fulfils the clients needs. However, due to Alexander's strong software development and deployment skills, he might just over-deliver. Alexander is a positive, enthusiastic team player.

Alexander has solid experience with the following technologies:

  • Backend: JEE and Spring (Core, Batch, Security, Integration,...), Hadoop
  • Testing: Fitnesse, Xebium, Selenium, JUnit, Mockito, Easymock, JMeter
  • Frontend: SpringMVC, Struts2, JSP, Freemarker, Velocity, JSTL, HTML(5), JQuery, DataTables, Flex
  • Communication: Soap, WSDL, JSON, REST, Sockets
  • Databases: JPA 2, Hibernate, JDBC, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle10g (RAC)
  • Server: Apache, Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish
  • Building: Maven, Ant, shell scrips
  • CI: Jenkins with pipeline, promotion, quality-tools and 1-click deployment
  • Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Linux, Subversion, Git

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I love solving difficult issues by listening and analyzing and delivering business value that at least fulfils my clients'needs, but I like over-delivering even more.

Alexander Bij
Big Data Hacker, GoDataDriven