Artem Grotov

Artem Grotov is Data Scientist at GoDataDriven.

Background Artem Grotov

Artem holds a PhD in Computer Science, with research focusing on Artificial Intelligence for Information Retrieval. Prior to joining GoDataDriven, he worked as a researcher at the Information and Language Processing Systems group at University of Amsterdam. There he was developing algorithms that let search engines learn from their uses in order to serve them the best results in a timely manner. Being a world expert on Online Learning to Rank, Artem regularly shares his knowledge on this and related topics during conferences, meetups, training and Master level university courses.

Artem uses a wide repertoire of tools in order to turn the data into actions which bring the value to the customer and the society - Python (especially Numpy and pandas) is his main working horse, Spark, AWS and Hive help Artem scale things up, and when Artem want to go deep he turns to Tensorflow.

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At GoDataDriven I turn data into actions which bring value to the society by leveraging my background and deep understanding to a broad range of technologies

Artem Grotov
Data Scientist, GoDataDriven