Barend Garvelink

Barend Garvelink is Data Engineer at GoDataDriven.

Background Barend Garvelink

He taught himself object-oriented and functional programming along the way, studying it in college and eventually turning the hobby into a profession.

Barend has a broad expertise and has worked successfully on everything from mobile apps to enterprise servers and the cloud. Barend enjoys chipping away at complex programming problems, prodding at them from all sides until an elegant solution clicks into place. He is meticulous about writing clean, clear and well-documented software.

Next to a great consultant he is a trainer as well, because he enjoys sharing knowledge and helping others improve their software craftsmanship. Like he did at ING as the lead developer on the mobile banking app for Android and as a data engineer at Quby.

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I like to use creativity, data skills, and knowledge to come up with the best solution for the client.

Barend Garvelink
Data Engineer, GoDataDriven