Bas van de Lustgraaf

Bas van de Lustgraaf is Data Engineer at GoDataDriven.

Background Bas van de Lustgraaf

Years of experience with Data warehouses, ETL jobs and Reports, but the most fun he had while building a Security platform which was used for ingesting security related log data from different customers to discover in real-time security threats in their network. After being the only Big Data Engineer at an earlier job, he decided to continue his career at a company which has Big Data as core business with many enthusiastic people to share knowledge, work together on awesome projects and have fun discussing related topics. And here we are at GDD!

For GoDatadriven he is always on the lookout for the best solutions as Big Data Engineer. In his free time he plays soccer, train at the gym, go on adventure holidays, watch movies and tv series.

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I enjoy using the latest (open source) technology for specific client's needs and like to collaborate in teams to grow data analytic capabilities.

Bas van de Lustgraaf
Data Engineer, GoDataDriven