Fokko Driesprong

Fokko Driesprong is Big Data Evangelist at GoDataDriven.

Background Fokko Driesprong

Beside the ordinary techniques, Fokko Driesprong is an enthusiast of functional programming (preferably Scala) and big data processing platforms. Besides being a consultant he contributes to open source projects, among others Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache incubating Airflow, Apache incubating Superset and Druid. Furthermore he's addicted to gadgets like quadcopters, Arduino's and all puts sensors everywhere. At last, Fokko is one of the driving forces behind the Flink Meetup in Amsterdam.

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Big Data to me is all about highly complex data and enormous amounts of data. That is what makes me tick!

Fokko Driesprong
Big Data Evangelist, GoDataDriven