Jelte Hoekstra

Jelte Hoekstra is Data Scientist at GoDataDriven.

Jelte Hoekstra is Data Scientist at GoDataDriven


Jelte is a cheerful data scientist with a wide range of interests. Besides juggling data, Jelte enjoys learning about all sorts of topics e.g. programming languages, game theory, and world politics. He likes exploring the latest technological advances and generally, he is a rapid learner.

Before joining GDD, Jelte studied Computer Science at Utrecht University. His MSc. thesis concerned predicting peak travel in public transport. In his spare time, Jelte occasionally hacks on a side project.

You start something, that's when the most energy comes in. Then you like to go full ahead. You know, when it's time to go home, I still like to do these few extra things because I feel like I am almost there already.

Clients include: Transavia, ING, NS, Nuon, Tele2, Borgesius, Rabobank, DuPont, and RoyalFlora Holland

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Juggling data is my passion. And although I may make this look simple, it is a continuous journey of learning and exploring. I love it!

Jelte Hoekstra
Data Scientist, GoDataDriven