Kicky van Leeuwen

Medical Machine Learning Scientist

Background Kicky van Leeuwen

Kicky is an applied machine learning scientist with a focus on medical signals and imaging with the ambition to put the recent advances in data science into practice in the hospital.

Within GoDataDriven she is currently co-responsible for, applying the expertise of GoDataDriven and Xebia in the medical field striving for better and more efficient patient care.

In-hospital experience, research background, and knowledge of Python, Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Google Cloud Platform and Matlab. Self-taught in programming, machine learning and deep learning. Background in signal processing and computer vision. She likes to excel in shaping pioneer projects and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Finishing her Master Technical Medicine, she joined the Moonshot project to create a Cardio-AI app. She enjoys to work on the gap between classical medicine and complex technology. The goal is to develop a deep learning application for automatic heart function analysis from MRI and researching capsule networks for segmentation purposes. The project is part of a moonshot allowing for innovative and high risk projects. In cooperation with: University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Siemens Healthineers, Google and

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My mission is to create value with data science and artificial intelligence for better and more efficient patient care.

Kicky van Leeuwen
Data Scientist, GoDataDriven