Thomas de Boer

Thomas de Boer is Skill Driver at GoDataDriven

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The modern concept of synergy was proposed by chemists. The question is, then, what should organizations do to achieve positive synergy? People make the difference to organizations. Our ability and skills to find, create, manipulate, and use data has grown hugely. Just explore data uses cases, complementary talents and have fun along the way!

Thomas likes to work with a focus on inbound marketing, content creation, branding, and event promotion. Which is often based on knowledge of great colleagues and a combination of common interests, top-notch data technology and customer needs.

Before becoming marketer for GoDataDriven, he studied Communication and gained experience with IT Sales and Online Marketing for a large Dutch Education provider and a IT consulting firm in Data Science, AI, and Data Engineering, respectively. He likes to be involved at several events like Dutch Data Science Week, GoDataFest, Big Data Expo, satRday Amsterdam or at Meetups like Pydata, and DataDonderdag. You’ll probably see or meet him there.

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Keep exploring your data journey and have fun along the way!

Thomas de Boer
Skill Driver, GoDataDriven