Products that support full-service implementation of your DataDriven strategy

Data Discovery Workshop

During this one-day workshop, dozens of data use case ideas are generated by your organization to support the definition of a DataDriven strategy and the first steps of implementation. By bringing together team members from different departments, such as IT, Marketing, and business, we establish a mutual understanding of challenges and opportunities.

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Data Science Suite

The Data Science Suite is a ready to use managed platform with all the necessary tools for data scientists, such as R/RStudio, Python/Pandas, and IPython/Jupyter, and is also easily extendible.

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Data Science Box

Data Science Box has been developed to make implementing and maintaining a predictive model easy, even for organizations without an in-house Data Science team. Data Science Box is a virtual data scientist that monitors the performance of predictive models and reports about this regularly.

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Divolte Collector is a high-performance, scalable server for collecting clickstream data in HDFS and for Kafka topics. It uses a JavaScript tag on the client side to gather user interaction data, similar to many other web tracking solutions. Divolte Collector can be used as the foundation to build anything from basic web analytics dashboarding to real-time recommender engines and banner optimization systems.

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From our experience with bespoke Big Data and Data Science services sprung a number of standarized services and products that make best-in-class solutions available for any organization.

Rob Dielemans
Managing director, GoDataDriven