Originally released in Amsterdam in the early 90’s, Python is today regarded as the de facto language for Data Science. It sparked numerous projects and libraries that allow for efficient numerical computations, be it on the CPU, GPU, or on a mixture of those, both locally or on a cluster. This led to a number of machine learning and statistical software packages to be written in Python.

GoDataDriven data scientists and engineers routinely speak all things Python and data at conferences such as PyData, EuroPython, Pycon, NoSQL matters, and Meetups such as the Amsterdam Python Meetup group, the Amsterdam Search Engine Meetup, the PyData Amsterdam and London Meetups, and last but not least the Amsterdam Applied Machine Learning Meetup. Also, we are the founder and co-organizer of the PyData Amsterdam group.

In 2016, GoDataDriven chaired the organizing committee for the first PyData Amsterdam.

Python training

GoDataDriven offers a three-day Data Science with Python course to cover the open-source Python tools that are relevant to solving day-to-day scientific and engineering programming problems.

Specifically you will learn how to work with numpy, pandas, matplotlib, and scikit-learn; we will teach how to use the Jupyter environment and how to leverage its notebooks. Added to that, we will show you how the command line to speed up some everyday tasks relevant to data science.

Python references:

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Python has its roots in Amsterdam, maybe that is the reason that there is such a vibrant community of Python users. The Dutch capital is one of the main hubs of the Python ecosystem, which was exemplified by the huge turn-up for PyData Amsterdam.

Giovanni Lanzani
Data Scientist, GoDataDriven