28 June 2019 - Seminar: Business Value from AI

Join Databricks, Microsoft and GoDataDriven for this seminar on Friday, June 28, to develop insight in ways to realize business value from AI.

This seminar was all about realizing business value from AI. Experienced speakers from Databricks, GoDataDriven, and Microsoft share their experiences with implementing AI solutions that add value to enterprise organizations. This seminar was supported by Xebia, Xpirit and Binx.io.

Value from AI Seminar with Databricks, GoDataDriven, Microsoft


During the seminar, the following topics were covered:

  • Understand the different levels of AI maturity;

  • Determine the AI maturity level of your organization;

  • Learn how the Analytics Translator enables the smooth development of AI products;

  • Benefit from successful use cases of other enterprises;

  • Become familiar with the DevOps for AI way of working.

Speakers / Slides

Steven Nooijen, Lead Data Scientist, GoDataDriven

Mark Schep, Analytics Translator, GoDataDriven

Joris Valkonet, Technology Specialist Data & AI, Microsoft

Vincent Jolivet, Partner Solutions Architect, Databricks

Join this seminar to learn how to organize your people, process and technology to realize value from AI initiatives

Rob Dielemans
CEO and Co-Founder GoDataDriven