"They say data is like oil. In that case, let me find, drill, clean, transport and store this digital liquid for you."

Lasse Benninga

Analytics Engineer

Lasse is an Analytics Engineer at GoDataDriven. He has a BSc degree in Informatics and he has been working in the Data field since 2018. He has all-round experience in cloud engineering, software engineering, web development and creating mobile apps.

Lasse loves exploring and untangling datasets, learning more from stakeholders, and extracting value for the customer. Previously he worked in KLM’s Predictive Maintenance team, creating a production-grade pipeline that transformed aircraft data into analytics dashboards, which drove KLM Engineering & Maintenance to cut costs in aircraft component replacements by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lasse is fully committed to DevOps™. By leveraging Git, Docker and CI/CD, automated pipelines and infrastructureas-code can be shared across the company and achieve a replicable and transparent way of working. Lasse likes to explore the vast landscape of (open source) technology in order to implement the latest and greatest, while keeping in mind the customer’s needs for security and granularity.

Lasse loves to learn: he enjoys following courses and earning certifications so he can bring new insights to the client’s projects and his GDD coworkers.