"I like to travel quite a lot, discovering new countries. The exploring is also what drives me in my work. You don't know in advance what's going to come out of it, so you better just start and do it. After every corner, you always find something new."

Nelli Gofman

Data Scientist

Growing up in Siberia, Nelli felt a strong desire to broaden her horizons. It was only a matter of time before she moved away and began exploring. Just like wild animals and sheer heights don’t intimidate her much, she’s not afraid to dive deep into untrodden datasets.

Nelli’s background is in Quantitative Finance and prior to joining GoDataDriven, she spent several years working in banking as a Quantitative Risk Manager where most of her data science experience was with building models for credit and operational risk measurement.

Currently her interests are not limited to financial data, she is interested in all kinds of (big or tiny) data use cases and, in particular, how data science can be applied to solve environmental, sustainability, or social issues.

Nelli will be happy to get in touch with you to discuss how machine learning and data science can be leveraged to improve the world or your organisation!