"It takes 3 minutes to do a garbage job and 5 minutes to do it well; don't waste your time."

Noel Kippers

Machine Learning Plumber

Noel Kippers is a Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven. While working on e-commerce platforms, he developed his skills by building machine learning models related to marketing, finance, and recommender systems. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, and his research focussed on building mathematical models to describe random processes. Noel dislikes surprises, and as a Machine Learning Engineer, he strives to build robust systems that ensure results are accurate and on time.

In addition to addressing technical problems, he values the importance of relating Data Science and Machine Learning to the business' needs.

While proficient with Python, R, and various frameworks/libraries related to Data Science, he has deployed Machine Learning pipelines and models using Azure and Google Cloud Platform.