"Impossible does not exist"

Peter van ‘t Hof

Big Data Engineer

Peter is deeply solution-oriented, always thinking a few steps ahead with the end goal or end user in mind. One of his biggest passions is pulling apart tricky problems to deliver simple solutions.

Peter thrives in company environments where he can work with his peers to get projects across the line. Cross-team collaboration is important to him, and his drive to create solutions that support his colleagues, as well as the company, enable him and his team to deliver impact.

A creative problem solver with strong troubleshooting and analytical skills, Peter stays up to date with new technologies. He likes to understand and implement these technologies as well as help customers adjust their analysis platforms accordingly.

Peter enjoys connecting and harmonizing multiple solutions together, because he finds that that is where he can have fun with data science/engineering, software development, and networks and systems architecture.

Peter has solid experience with the following technologies:

  • Backend: Slurm, SGE, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Big data: Spark, Oozie, Databricks, Airflow
  • Cloud: GCP, Azure
  • Programming: Scala, Java, Python, Bash, SQL
  • Testing: TestNG, Scalatest, Junit
  • Frontend: SpringMVC, Struts2, JSP, Freemarker, Velocity, JSTL, HTML(5), JQuery, DataTables, Flex, Spring
  • Databases: JDBC, Postgres, MySQL, H2, sqlite, Neo4j
  • Building: Maven, Sbt, shell scrips, Make
  • CI: Jenkins, Travis, Gitlab
  • Tools: IntelliJ, Linux, OSX, Git

Clients include: Booking.com