"Data is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get"

Sarah Parinussa

Data Scientista

Sarah Parinussa is a Data Scientist at GoDataDriven. Before joining GDD, Sarah worked as a researcher and data scientist on diverse projects ranging from time-series studies to medical CT-image analyses to building production ready ML pipelines. She is keen on extracting relevant insights from data and linking those to business value. Experience has taught her that you often have to look beyond the data to find the deeper meaning in your results.

Sarah has a broad interest in diverse topics and is always eager to learn, this in combination with her diverse background in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence gives her the ability to view problems from a different perspective, and thus create out-of-the box solutions.

A curious mind, a positive vibe and a handful of creativity are essential to make any project work.

Current client: Atradius