Vincent taught himself programming four years ago and now he is a founding co-chair of PyData Amsterdam, preferred Rstudio training partner, and organiser of the Applied Machine Learning Meetup in Amsterdam. Things can happen fast if you set your mind to it.

Vincent is Data Scientist and Developer at GoDataDriven. Prior to that he obtained a MSc in Econometrics and Operations Research and worked as an independent data scientist. The world will be a better place if people use data effectively which is why he gives free lectures/sessions to people who want to get started with open source data analysis in Amsterdam. He is fluent in python, R, and javascript and even dabbles with C/C#/C++ and scala from time to time.

He has a blog about less obvious aspects in the world of data science over at and he’s known for giving free lectures in data science around Europe. He’s especially keen to give one in Lisbon, Ljubljana, Split or Belfast. Feel free to notify Vincent if you’ve got a venue in any of these places or other awesome place to visit. He’ll most likely show up.

Vincent solves data problems, ask him anything. Read more about a day in the life of Vincent

Clients include: ING, Schiphol, Sonepar, KLM, the Sting, Persgroep, Bakkersland, NPO, Marktplaats/Ebay, Royal Flora Holland, and DuPont