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Data & AI in Finance

Data & AI in the Finance Industry

How to leverage Data & AI to become data-driven in the Finance Industry

The use of data in banking is not new: from transactions and financial indicators, to risk models: data always played a central role in the sector and institutions leveraging data more effectively had an edge against the competition.

Now, thanks to data science and AI, there are even more possibilities to build entire business models around data.

From building recommenders for financial instruments, to generating leads for bonds sales or your working capital solutions, to finding anomalous correspondent banking transfers: the possibilities are endless!

How can you get started?

Below we present our learning journeys to become a data scientist when you’re coming from a finance background, or to become an analytics translator: smart professionals that bridge the gap between data and the business, by asking the right questions and starting high-impact use cases.

Are you looking for programs to become more data-savvy as an organization? Check out our Data Literacy page!

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Case Studies

“ING wants to become a data-driven organization with Analytics as a business model. GoDataDriven is our partner in accomplishing this ambition. They have the expertise to deliver a wide range of trainings, for our business people, our executive and the experienced Data Scientists.”

Mieke Nan Analytics Academy Lead at ING

“With the PowerBI Da-100 training, GoDataDriven empowered us to add value through data-driven decision-making within ABN AMRO. Besides that, all the ABN AMRO participants in the training got DA-100 certified”

Ben de Jong Enterprise Advisor Data Visualization & BI

Learning Journey

How to Become a Financial Data Professional

If you have a non-technical background but you love to leverage data for better decision making. start and lead use cases to build AI solutions to help business become more efficient and grow faster, then this learning journey is right for you.

You start with a Power BI training to learn how to ask and answer the right data questions and create reports and dashboards to empower you and your colleagues to take data-driven decisions.

And you end with the Analytics Translation training, on how to be the perfect bridge between the business and data team, to ensure the use cases to build AI solution are actually adding values to your company from day 1.

  • Power BI in a Day / 1-day – Public & In-Company
    After this 1-day training (available online instructor-led, classroom, and in-company), you will be able to use Power BI independently and create and share simple but useful dashboards.
  • Certified Analytics Translation – 2-daysPublic & In-Company
    After this 2-day training (available online instructor-led, classroom, and in-company), you will know how to successfully identify, develop, and execute AI use cases in your organization.

Learning Journey

How to Become a Financial Data Scientist


If you have a technical background and playing with data directly, building models on top of it, and presenting the results to the business if what inspires you, then this learning journey is right for you.

Intense but satisfying, at the end of it you’ll be able to work as a data scientist in the high-demanding environment of any financial institution.

  • Python for Data Analysts / 2-days – Public & In-Company
    A 2-day introduction to Python. Gain experience with Python to take your data analyst game to the next level.
  • Certified Data Science with Python Foundation / 3-days – Public & In-Company
    A 3-day dive into the Python Ecosystem for Data Science. Explore how to leverage Python for data analysis, visualization, and Machine Learning.
  • Advanced Data Science with Python/ 2-days – Public & In-Company
    Two days of nothing but Data Science, Machine Learning and advanced Python skills. You know Machine Learning, but working with it on a daily basis is a different story. This course is packed with best practices, models, code, algorithms and a framework to improve your projects.

Contact Giovanni Lanzani, our managing director of training & development, if you want to know more. He’ll be happy to help you!