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Data Science Product Owners Learning Journey

Develop the skills and learn to use the tools to

Successfully Implement Data Science Use Cases in your Organization

Do you work for a company that uses data and AI and you want to play a central role in these processes? Then it is important to develop the skills to translate business challenges into analytical use cases. Develop your analytics translator skills with the Data Science Product Owner Learning Journey.


Data Science for Product Owners Training

After this 3-day training you will know how to successfully identify, develop, and execute AI use cases in your organization.

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Data Science Product Owners / Analytics Translator Learning Journey

Analytics Translator Learning Journey

By bringing together business demand with data science capabilities, the data science product owner leads the process from idea to implementation. The data science product owner plays a vital role to bring use cases to production effectively. Whether you work as an IT, analytics or business manager, product owner, Agile coach, or subject matter expert, this training will deepen your knowledge of how to develop successful data and AI products.


Learning Journey for Product Owners

This journey provides a solid foundation for expanding your role in a wide range of areas.

Learning Goals of the Data Science Product Owner Learning Journey

  • Acquire the basics, possibilities, and trade-offs of data & AI
  • Understand the analytics approach, use case creation, and idea prioritization
  • Learn the challenges of fairness and ethics in data & AI, and how to overcome bias
  • Be able to ensure successful implementation and use of data & AI solutions for the end-user

Data Science for Product Owners training

Analytics Translator / Data Science for Product Owners Training

After this 3-day training (available online instructor-led, classroom,and in-company), you will know how to successfully identify, develop, and execute AI use cases in your organization. You will be able to drive the development of AI solutions that match business needs. Through every step of the development process, you validate whether the solution generates value.

The training takes you through the complete process of generating AI solutions and shows you what is needed to be successful. Basic knowledge of data and AI is helpful but not required.

Data Science for Product Owners training

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The Tech to Randstad’s Touch – Alexander Croiset

When the conversation with Alexander Croiset turns to the subject of data, his face lights up. “I’m all data! I love to analyze things,” he beams. As an analytics translator at Randstad (also known as a data science product owner), he is a significant driver in making Randstad a more data- and value-driven organization.

Linking Data Science with the Business

In his role as analytics translator, Alexander bridges the gap between business needs and data science solutions.

“On the business side, many people used to make decisions based on feeling,” he elaborates. “I always ask them to show me data. By finding the right data, I try to answer their questions.”


Next Steps

Training Directions After This Learning Journey

Whatever your background, our Data Science for Product Owners training and learning journey will equip you with the knowledge and skills to take on this challenge with confidence. After this learning journey, the continued learning path varies depending on your experience and aspired direction.

Deepen Your Data Science Skills?

Product Owners who want to deepen their Data Science skills would benefit from acquiring skills to create data products using Python. The certified Python Essentials course makes for an excellent entry point to embark on the Data Science Learning Journey.

Data Science Learning Journey


Deepen Your Product Owner Skills

Data Scientists who want to deepen their product owner skills If your experience is in data science, you will benefit from further developing your product owner skills. Xebia Academy offers an excellent variety of certified product owner courses.

Product Owner Learning Journey


Develop the skills of your organization

Find the right courses to grow your team’s Data & AI skills, or design learning journeys at scale to empower your entire organization.

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