Data Science with Python Foundation

3-Days Training

Data Science with Python Foundation

Learn the best practice for effective data analysis and machine learning with this practical training about data science with Python. Explore how Python can help you take the next step in your Data & AI career, guided by GoDataDriven’s Data Science experts in this 3-days course.

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This course is perfect for Data Professionals who

  1. Want to get a grip on the most popular and essential data science tools
  2. Want to enhance their data science skills and get to know the best practice for setting up projects in Python
  3. Are already familiar with Python.

What will you learn during the Data Science with Python Foundation

  1. This course helps you understand what tooling Python offers for Data Science;
  2. You will learn how to use libraries such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, and scikit-learn
  3. We will also teach you how about the most used Machine Learning models

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The Program

The program of this 3-days Data Science with Python Foundation course is as follows:

Jupyter notebooks

  • How to create interactive documents
  • The most useful tips and tricks (magics, and more.)
  • How to organize your project


  • Where the performance comes from
  • Some limits of the performance
  • About broadcasting and its advantages
  • How to work with shape conventions
  • The most useful NumPy functions and tricks


  • How to create plots with Matplotlib in other packages
  • More advanced plots with Seaborn
  • More expressive plotting libraries (plotnine or Altair)


  • How to perform data-wrangling tasks
  • The most important methods and functions in pandas
  • How to customize aggregations
  • How to organize code and use pandas pipelines
  • Understanding stateless transformations
  • How to automate logging in pandas

Machine learning with scikit-learn

  • Machine Learning models
  • Data Transformations
  • Data Estimators
  • How to combine these into pipelines
  • How to automate everything in a grid search
  • How to write building blocks

You will be redirected to the Xebia Academy Website for registration

Course details

We have worked together with APMG International to offer you a recognized partner to get certified in Data Science with Python.

You can take the exam online either at the end of the course, or at your convenience. You will receive a digital badge and a certificate.

You find the Syllabus and Exam Design here on our website and you can take a sample exam through APMG website (select Data Science with Python Foundation from the drop down).

The focus areas for the exam are:

  • Python and Jupyter basics
  • Data Analysis with Pandas and Matplotlib
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Practical Machine Learning with scikit-learn.

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Training Formats

Training Formats

This training is available in the following formats:

In-Company Classroom

In-Company training is perfect for groups of 6 or more. The training takes place online, at your office, or at one of our modern training facilities.

Online Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classrooms provide you with an interactive environment to effectively develop your skills, right from the comfort of your own home or office.

Data Science Learning Journey

This data science learning journey is available for any data professional. Our extensive training programs are designed to develop your skills from junior to senior.

Our curriculum teaches you new skills and empowers you to stay ahead professionally. We offer solid fundamentals that apply to practical Python courses, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. We also offer courses on Spark, R, and Deep Learning.

We’ve experienced first hand what works and what doesn’t through our consulting business, and we pass that knowledge on to you through our education business. You learn all the ins and outs of the data science models most seen in the field, in a fast-paced classroom training that ups your game.

Click here for more information about the Learning Journey for Data Scientists

Data Science Learning Journey

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