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Python Foundation

Free Online Self-Paced Python Training

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What You’ll Learn

The goal of this free online self-paced training is to introduce enough Python to move on to more complicated topics in data science without getting surprised.

The modules include:

  1. Jupyter: Learn how to interact with Jupyter
  2. Data types: What are data types and how to use them in Python
  3. Containers and iterables: Grouping data types together
  4. Functions: Grouping code in functions
  5. Comprehension: Short and concise way of creating containers
  6. Dictionaries: Look up data faster

Free Online Python Foundation Training

About This Online Track & Instruqt

This free online Python Foundation training has been developed by GoDataDriven and is powered by Instruqt, The Challenge-Driven IT Learning Platform.

It all started in 2016 when a team of engineers at Xebia co-organized Hashicorp’s first European conference in Amsterdam. They wanted to show visitors how to use Hashicorp tools. So they thought what better way to do that than to let the visitors experience through learning by doing?

They came up with the idea of creating sandbox environments based on the HashiCorp tools (Nomad, Consul, Terraform and Vault), and gave visitors a series of puzzles designed to let them experience the tools first hand by solving challenges. About ⅓ of the delegates participated. Some even went back to the hotel to finish all the challenges, because the WiFi signal was stronger. The visitors came to learn perhaps one tool but left with hands-on experience in all of them. The seed for Instruqt’s gamified learning platform was planted.

In January 2020, Instruqt has formed a collaboration with the business units at Xebia, including GoDataDriven, Binx, Xebia DevOps, and Xebia Security to offer learning paths using its challenge-driven platform to help data scientists and engineers to get up to speed with technologies critical for success in digital transformation. As we enter a new decade, the platform will help enterprises address the urgent need to up skill thousands of IT engineers continuously with cost-effective learning solutions.