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How Xebia is using dbt to create reliable, high-quality data pipelines

dbt-based pipelines

One of the best practice solutions to build reliable data pipelines

At Xebia, we have been successfully deploying dbt-based pipelines in many projects and consider it one of the best practice solutions to build reliable data pipelines.

dbt™ is a SQL-first transformation workflow that lets teams quickly and collaboratively deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation.

dbt at Funda

At Funda the task was to migrate away from the Hadoop platform and the old BI platform. Since Funda is a very data-intensive organization, it was clear that dbt needed to take a central role in that. Xebia helped to define best practices around dbt and Data Engineers and Data Scientists can now create new pipelines without working on underlying cloud infrastructure. Data is accessible via an SQL interface, fulfilling the “self-service” criteria. Teams can access various data marts depending on their role, and creating new use cases is easy and quick.

Want to know more? Check out the full version of our success story with Funda.

“When we make an impact for end-users, it means making a difference for almost everyone in the Netherlands. Spiros Kouloumpis, (former) Head of Data at Funda.”

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dbt at Enza Zaden

Part of Enza Zaden’s strategy is to become more data-driven. And a vital part for this is to have a scalable data platform to capture data from source systems, and to make that data widely available via self-service to different data consumers. One of the main bottlenecks of the current data platform was its lack of scalability, which resulted in a daily data load that filed often. Enza Zaden asked Xebia to re-implement a data platform that could scale and serve as the basis for their strategy.

Two important requirements for the data transformation pipelines were: first, that the data transformations were transparent as to what transformations took place, while second, that the pipelines were easy to handle and could scale well.

To enable this Xebia implemented dbt as Enza Zaden’s main data transformation tool, migrating from notebooks to version-controlled code, which improved transparency and will allow future data analysts from different teams to interact with the data pipelines, instead of relying on a single team/point-of-failure. dbt Also proved valuable for the organisation to increase their visibility and confidence in their data because of features such as data tests, data lineage and data freshness.

As a result, Enza Zaden now has a robust and scalable fundament for their strategically important data.

About Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden is a global vegetable-breeding company that develops vegetable varieties of more than 30 international and local crops, and with a portfolio that comprises some 1,200 vegetable varieties. These range from sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce to bitter gourd and bird’s eyes chillies.

Besides an global vegetable-breeding company, Enza Zaden is also an independent family business. For three generations, an entrepreneurial spirit, long-term vision and focus on innovation have characterised the company’s distinctive features and healthy growth.

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dbt at Bynco

At Bynco, the task was to set up their first analytics platform to provide insights into the daily operations and to automate monthly financial reporting. Both the operational team and multiple accounting & finance teams were going to use this new platform. The operational team is involved in calling potential customers, informing customers and closing contract deals, and therefore they needed to have accurate up-to-date information on their clients and inventory.

One of the requirements was that the data pipelines had to be transparent and easy to maintain, as there was no strong in-house data team that could take care of this, which led to us to propose and implement dbt as their transformation tool.

Xebia rolled out a modern data platform using IaC (Infrastructure as Code) and implemented transformation pipelines in dbt from the ground up in under 2 months.

Bynco is now able to easily modify existing pipelines and add new ones in dbt, as there are people available with enough knowledge of SQL to make changes. This allows Bynco to very easily scale their platform and analytics as they grow, by updating existing pipelines or creating new ones.

About Bynco

Bynco is part of AutoBinck Group, which has been active in the automobile industry for more than a century. It began in 1907 with the sale of Merces in the ‘Auto Palace’ showroom in The Hague and has now grown into an organization thatplays a big role in the import and distribution of cars in the Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary and for a large number of brands.

Several trends are becoming increasingly apparent in the world of mobility: the shift from ownership to use, the electrification of mobility, cars becoming connected and self-driving cars. These trends are accompanied by the emergence of new forms of mobility and mobility related services. Smart Mobility is a new division of AutoBinck Group. This division focuses on new forms of mobility in its broadest sense. Bynco is part of this division.


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