Podcast: The Future of The Data Scientist


Has Data Science become standard in most business operations?

In this podcast Henk Griffioen, Rens Dimmendaal and Walter van der Scheer are talking about the future of the data scientist role. Because where data scientist was seen as the most attractive job a few years ago, this role is now more of a collective term for quite a few more specific roles.

The world has changed a lot since Harvard Business Review published its article “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. The hype is over and data science has become standard in most business operations. So, if the data scientist who can do “everything” is an illusion of the past, what then, can we expect from the data scientists of tomorrow?

Based on a number of trends, Henk and Rens share their vision of the profession and the developments that influence the work of everyone who’s involved with data science. From a focus on the model to a focus on the data, from generic all-rounder to domain specialist, and from building models to optimizing models: a modern data scientist is expected to make an impact. After listening to this podcast your image of a Data Scientist will never be the same again.

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