Power BI Meetup - DAX Night

Relive an Evening Filled with DAX Knowledge

On Monday, November 25 the Power BI user group and GoDataDriven teamed up with two DAX experts to deliver a deep dive into the DAX function language.

In association with the Power BI user group

The DAX Night was organised by the Dutch Power BI user group. Check out their site for more events or keep an eye on their Eventbrite page.

DAX Fundamentals – Marnix Jansen

DAX is the functional language that is used to add analytical power to a Power BI model. It is used to uncover hidden insightst from the data in a model, enabling advanced analysis. The end goal is to uncover the story that lies within the data.

During his talk Marnix gives an overview of the DAX language, focussing on evaluation context. This context shows that the result of a formula is not only dependent on the formula itself, but also the context within which the formula is being evaluated. Marnix demonstrates these concepts using several practical use cases.

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DAX Essentials: Time Series Analysis – Peter van den Bos

One of the most important aspects of a good report is time series analysis. In his talk, Peter shows how you can achieve this using a data table. He also dives into periodical comparisons in Power BI. The presentation is very well suited for DAX beginners as well as business and financial controllers.

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