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A message from Truffle the cat:

Our recruitment scientist Luuk Jan Feitsma is stuck at home alone with his cat Truffle. Truffle the cat is looking for data professionals to help Luuk feel less like a hermit at home. On behalf of Truffle: thank you.

Who Is Luuk Feitsma Anyway?

I’m the recruiter for GoDataDriven and let’s have a quick look at what’s on my schedule for today. Would you look at that? It looks like I’m staying home. Again. So fun! That does mean that I have plenty of time to have a chat with you on zoom and we can have a laugh about al the basics like Forgetting there’s a cover on my webcam…

…and then forgetting I’m on mute. And of course the all-time classic: My cat Truffle walking through the webcam view ’cause I know you have plenty of time too because you’re working from home.

All jokes aside, I really do want to have a coffee with you together with truffle here. We are waiting for you, we are ready so if you are a data engineer, data scientist or machine learning engineer or do anything with data really. You know, shoot me a message and we’ll have a virtual coffee together. It’ll be fun.

It's a lot of fun to be a(n) ...

AI Strategy Consultant

You are passionate about helping organizations drive their success with Data & AI. You feel comfortable operating at the sweet spot between Leadership, Business, and Tech. And, after co-creating a vision and strategy on Data & AI, you’re not afraid to drive execution with a top-notch team that will turn your ideas into reality.

Data Science Educator

You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and helping others in their development and success stories and feel comfortable explaining difficult subjects on various levels and are adept at creating new learning and development offerings on Data & AI. You are fluent in Python and the most used data science libraries such as Pandas and scikit-learn. Clean code comes naturally to you and you understand why that is important for the next generation of data science products.

Machine Learning Engineer

As a machine learning engineer, you work together with data scientists and data engineers on the team to build production-ready, scalable applications driven by data and AI in the Amsterdam area.

You’re a scientist or engineer who is not afraid of maths and who understands how to take models into production. Bringing something from laptop to cluster takes skill and courage and you’re not afraid to do just that.

Analytics Translator

You are passionate about helping organizations drive their success with Data & AI. You feel comfortable operating at the sweet spot between UX, Tech and Business. And, after uncovering the needs of the business, you’re not afraid to take ownership and make sure the right solution goes into production.

Data Engineer

You’re an engineer at heart with a pragmatic attitude and the responsibility of someone maintaining production systems. You easily switch between scripting and structured programming in typed languages. You understand failure modes in distributed systems and you’re passionate about provisioning and automation. And you know how to build robust systems.

Senior Data Scientist

We are looking for senior data scientists who feel at home at the intersection between science, mathematics, machine learning, business, and coaching. You have experience in building value from data through ML and software.

Content Marketeer

You’re a true content specialist with a proven track record in writing, designing and producing compelling content and events. You see, hear and feel stories that need to be shared and make it happen. You find it hard not to share your excitement about new technology with anyone you meet.

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