Data-Centric AI

Why you should care about Data-Centric AI

Data-Centric AI

Shifting your focus towards iterating on data instead of models

Today, about 80% of organizations consider data and AI as an essential part of their strategy. However, 7 out of 10 organisations report minimal to no gains from their data & AI initiatives. With businesses heavily invested in data and AI, what makes the difference between being successful and failing with data and AI? In the Data & AI Maturity Journey track we invite different companies to talk about how they became data & AI driven organizations. We share a practical — and widely applicable — maturity journey that demonstrates how organizations grow their data and AI competencies. To reach maturity, companies usually work on two axes: Analytics Capabilities — Data, People & Skills, Tools & Tech — and Business Adoption — Executive Support, Funding, Implementation. But where do you stand in this journey and how can you reach your destination? Watch the talk if you want to understand the phases and drivers of the data maturity journey. Get the chance to learn from other organizations that embarked on this journey before you.

Find Out the AI Maturity Level of Your Organization

This self-assessment provides an initial indication of your organizations' AI maturity level by rating your level of maturity on several key components.


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